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"It's how well you move,
not how deep you stretch,"

~Brian Friedman

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Welcome to the Revolution

At Winter Garden Yoga, our mission is simple: We are changing the world one pose at a time. You may be asking yourself, “How is this possible?”  We respectfully call upon your intelligence as you read on…

The Truth About Yoga Could Shock You

Yoga is a physical activity. No kidding, right? That means in order for yoga to be safe, you must follow rules of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, and other college level words. What you may not know is that other yoga studios don’t think in these terms. They think that bending and twisting the body in the name of yoga is absolutely safe because… well, because it’s yoga.

But the requirements are greater…

Don’t Take Chances

You will soon discover (or may have already discovered) that other yoga studios have a single protocol: get the student into the pose as deeply as possible at all costs. The cart is usually in front of the horse. It’s a no brainer. That’s all it takes to get somebody injured.

That’s where Winter Garden Yoga comes in… Join The Revolution!

 We Know Better

At Winter Garden Yoga, we have a philosophy: “It’s how well you move, not how deep you stretch”. We strive to put the horse in front of the cart. Each of our highly trained and knowledgeable instructors signs an agreement. This agreement insures that specific protocols must be followed for each and every student…


  • Zero pain. Pain is not an option. We insist that students see a doctor or other health care professionals until they are cleared for physical activity prior to their first class.
  • Alignment. Think about it. Would you take your car for a cross country road trip without getting the wheels aligned? Of course not. We take the same precaution with your yoga practice. Your car will run much more efficiently and safely when it is aligned properly. The same can be said for you and your yoga.
  • Movement. Once you have achieved a solid foundation of solid construction, we can begin to use your muscles correctly and safely.
  • Flexibility (or other skill). You will find that your range of motion will instantly improve as a side effect when you have good alignment and proper movement. The same can be said for your gains in strength and injury prevention.


Don’t believe us?   See for yourself...

Here is what people are saying...


Just a joy!

“Thank you for the wonderful classes last week! Your classes are challenging without any pounding or force or any sort of competition. Just a JOY!!! Next visit to FL, I’ll be back! :)” ~ Polly G. Indiana

High level of excellence

“…Brian Friedman and Winter Garden Yoga definitely set a very high level of excellence that is hard to find anywhere else! Next visit, we'll go more [than] one time!” ~Laura R. Winter Garden, FL

The best teachers you can find are all here.” ~ Sandra A, Gotha, Florida

Feel comfortable

“[Thank you] and I really enjoyed the class last night.  I am as new as you can be to Yoga, always wanted to try but never found time. Brian made me feel comfortable even though I had no idea what I was doing.  I'm a recent breast cancer survivor and my body is just not the same since the surgeries and severe treatments… so thank you for making me this [newbie] comfortable and I look forward to Monday evening.” ~ Barbie S, Orlando, FL

Yoga for all people

“Also, while I have your attention, I want to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been to for me to discover your studio.  I have been practicing off and on for many years, but since I was traveling, I was never able to do more than videos or MP3s.  This is not ideal for me because I don't enjoy repeating the same routine over and over, therefore I found myself getting frustrated and not really progressing from what I call Intermediate Beginner status.  I had never taken a class in a studio! I love that you have a [friendly studio] that isn't Yoga for Models and Athletes but is instead Yoga for All People.  I am really enjoying myself and I am excited to start my first month's membership when my initial two-week period is up at the end of the week.” ~Jessica W, Orlando, FL

Are You Ready? This is Your Moment

Become a revolutionary and together we can change the yoga landscape forever by making yoga safe for everyone. Believe me, it’s easier than you think. Just decide…


Do you want?

  • Increased strength
  • Increased mobility
  • Prevention of injury
  • A lean and toned physique
  • All of the above?


Don’t wait any longer. It’s time for action. To take advantage of this remarkable opportunity, simply click here to choose the best package plan for you!
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“I lost a total of 25 pounds! …I strongly believe that the main reason why I lost the weight was yoga.”

~Bridget Johnson, Orlando FL, 50 plus years young

Down Two Sizes!

 “[Since investing in my health at WGY] I feel better about myself than I have in a very long time!  I have lost about 26 pounds and gone down at least two sizes.  I just bought a size small shirt a few weeks ago...

"I can't remember the last time I fit into a size small!"
~Marita Sarad

New Mom Has More Energy!

"Brian helped me reach my goals and then some. He taught me how to use Kettlebells with great form and fine-tuned my yoga technique.
" ~Lily Siviglia

An asthmatic woman in her 60s burns fat and gets strong.

"What I once believed was impossible for me, a woman over 60 years of age with physical limitations, I know now is possible. The sky is the limit!" ~Janis Dey, 60 years young, grandmother and yoga teacher 

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