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How She Put Herself Together (After The Gym Tore Her Apart)

Want to hear a great story? Like so many people, Sandra thought she was doing the right thing. She went to a gym, hired a trainer, and did the work. Sounds reasonable, right? But what if the well meaning trainer is injuring you? What if they won’t modify your workout to meet your specific needs? […]

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How To Finally Lose Those 10 Pounds While Being Encouraged & Supported (Not Judged)

How Ellen lost 10 pounds, 16.5 inches, & a dress size… This is Ellen’s incredible story in her own words. Ellen lost 10 pounds & dropped a dress size by attending 2 yoga classes a week and following WGY’s Nutrition Program.   I Always Had Excuses I had been thinking about WGY for quite some time. But […]

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Healthy Living: These 3 Secrets Get You There

  “You need to start taking care of yourself -now- before it’s too late.” Is this the conversation in your head? It was for me… about 20 or so years ago while I was a professional musician. That time in my life was definitely the unhealthiest. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, […]

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1 Very Intriguing Way To Keep You Motivated

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution? According to Statistic Brain Research Institute the success rate of achieving your resolution is 8%. I believe I know why. It was during a conversation between myself and 2 friends. One of my friends -like me- was vegan/vegetarian… the other wasn’t. The two of us were planning our meals […]

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