One Little Thing You Can Do For Massive Health Benefits

Want to take a massive step to ramp up your health? So do I. So do a lot of people. And it makes sense because we all want to live happy, healthy lives. That’s why I’ve spent the last 3 decades finding, testing, and using things that work. And discarding things that don’t. My first […]

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The Fastest And Easiest Way To Chill (Right Now)

Have you ever wanted to just chill? You know what I mean. You’re in the middle of a hectic day, you’ve had a crazy morning, and you wish -for 5 minutes- you could just chill out to get your bearings. A lot of people have felt overwhelmed like this. I have, too. Sometimes it can […]

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How To Get Better At Yoga Faster (It’s not what you think)

“How can I get better faster?” As a teacher, I think this is a great question because it tells me the student is serious about their practice. Most students are eager to improve and get to the next level. It’s normal for everyone to feel this way. But sometimes in our pursuit for greatness, we […]

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How To Make Your Resolutions SMART

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution? I think it’s fair to say we all have one time or another. The question begging to be answered is, “did you stick to it?” Don’t feel bad if you answered, “no”. I think it’s fair to say we all start the year bursting with […]

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Two Stretches – and One Move – Every Guitarist Should Do (If They Want to Keep Playing)

Have you heard? Back in February 2017, I took up jazz guitar. The goal was to do something to boost my brain health and to bring more joy into my life. For me, jazz guitar accomplishes both. But… There’s a downside if you’re not careful. Bad posture from all the slouching. And symptoms of carpal […]

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Be Careful When You Hear These Words

“What type of yoga do you teach?” It’s a fair question I get a lot. A fair answer I give is, “We teach our own method of yoga, called Functional Yoga Instruction.” “What’s that?” The usual follow-up. “Imagine yoga and physical therapy getting married. If they had a child, it would be Functional Yoga Instruction.” […]

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