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The First Time She Walked In, She Knew She Found Her Home

Have you ever thought something was just impossible? Like overcoming endless back pain. Kicking a destructive 30-year habit of smoking cigarettes. Triumphing over depression. A lot of people would agree a list of things like this would not be do-able. They’re too hard to overcome. That’s what makes Bobbie’s story so magnificent. Because she overcame […]

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This Yoga Studio Is Not A Fad. (It’s This…)

The Least You Need To Know Liz has gotten rid of hip pain, improved her balance, increased her strength, and gotten rid of back pain. She did it by making simple long-term life style changes. She’s doing yoga twice a week, riding her bike regularly, and she’s making her health and wellness a priority. That’s […]

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How She Gained Flexibility And Lessened Her Pain (And You Can, Too)

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? You know what I mean, a time when you knew you had to take action for positive change or do nothing and accept a lackluster life. It happens a lot to nearly everyone. It happened to Judi. But she chose to overcome her fear and […]

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She Loves This (And Can’t Imagine Her Life Without It)

Ever dream of losing 15 pounds? Dropping 2 sizes? Having less stress? You’re not alone. People of all walks of life are looking to lose weight and have more energy. And it’s easier than you think. Want to feel stronger and more confident? Read Christine’s incredible story to learn how… 1. What made you decide to join […]

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How to Wake Up Your Glutes in 5 Mins (After Sitting On Your Butt All Day)

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Okay, it may not lead to lung & throat cancer, but excessive sitting has its own negative side effects. Bram Swinnen found that “sleepy glutes” are the root cause of many injuries and chronic pain. Symptoms include: hamstring strains, lower back pain, lower knee pain, and […]

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One Key Ingredient to Increase Strength

Can yoga make you strong? I used to be weak, sick, & tired all the time. That was about 24 years ago… plus or minus… but I was a relatively young man who should have been in the prime of his life. Instead, I was quite the opposite. During this period of my life, I […]

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