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This Yoga Studio Is Not A Fad. (It’s This…)

The Least You Need To Know Liz has gotten rid of hip pain, improved her balance, increased her strength, and gotten rid of back pain. She did it by making simple long-term life style changes. She’s doing yoga twice a week, riding her bike regularly, and she’s making her health and wellness a priority. That’s […]

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Our Top Five Blogs Of 2016

Where has the time gone? With 2016 coming to an end, for over six years Winter Garden Yoga began serving the Winter Garden community. It’s been an amazing experience. This year Winter Garden Yoga helped dozens (maybe even 100s) of people in the West Orange County area achieve their health and wellness goals. And with […]

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Why Did She Leave The Uncomfortable Big Box Gym?

Have you ever taken action to make positive changes in your life? It feels good, doesn’t it? But what if someone pulls the rug out from under you? Do you start over or do you throw in the towel and give up? That’s what happened to Leslie. She was going to a big box gym […]

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How To Actually Triumph Like A Gold Medal Winner

Have you ever felt inspired to do something great? To triumph? I think we all have. You get that bright flash of inspirado. Make an announcement in front of friends and family. And go for the gold. For about two weeks. Then the train comes off the tracks. And the derailed cars come to a crashing […]

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How Did She Gain Strength, Confidence, and Better Posture?

Would you like more confidence? More strength? Better posture? You’re not alone. Stacy was looking for the same thing. And like so many people, fear was holding her back. But she took a leap of faith, took action, and gave Winter Garden Yoga a try. The results? You’ll have to read Stacy’s story to find […]

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How To Get Lean Without Trying (33 Awesome Tricks)

Have you gone on a diet with amazing resolve only to crash and burn within two weeks? It happens to a lot of people. You know the story. Your friend is bursting at the seems with excitement. They’ve just invested in the latest Hollywood weight loss plan. They follow the plan. They lose 5 pounds. […]

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