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How To Make Your Resolutions SMART

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution? I think it’s fair to say we all have one time or another. The question begging to be answered is, “did you stick to it?” Don’t feel bad if you answered, “no”. I think it’s fair to say we all start the year bursting with […]

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How To Actually Triumph Like A Gold Medal Winner

Have you ever felt inspired to do something great? To triumph? I think we all have. You get that bright flash of inspirado. Make an announcement in front of friends and family. And go for the gold. For about two weeks. Then the train comes off the tracks. And the derailed cars come to a crashing […]

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The Sure Fire Way You Always Triumph (Or Fail)

*Sigh* When it comes to health and wellness… Have you ever wondered why some people seem to fail and some people seem to triumph? I wonder about it, too. Why do some clients do well with weight loss or muscle tone? Why do other clients fail? What’s the difference between the two? They’re given a plan. They’re […]

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She Loves This (And Can’t Imagine Her Life Without It)

Ever dream of losing 15 pounds? Dropping 2 sizes? Having less stress? You’re not alone. People of all walks of life are looking to lose weight and have more energy. And it’s easier than you think. Want to feel stronger and more confident? Read Christine’s incredible story to learn how… 1. What made you decide to join […]

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How To Get Back On Track: 5 Very Do-Able Steps For Weight Loss

*Sigh* You’re 5 months into the new year and you’re right back where you started. You had every intention of making changes. You started the year strong. And then the wheels fall off the wagon. Frustration set in. It feels like a broken record that keeps skipping over and over again. It seems hopeless to think […]

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How To Finally Lose Those 10 Pounds While Being Encouraged & Supported (Not Judged)

How Ellen lost 10 pounds, 16.5 inches, & a dress size… This is Ellen’s incredible story in her own words. Ellen lost 10 pounds & dropped a dress size by attending 2 yoga classes a week and following WGY’s Nutrition Program.   I Always Had Excuses I had been thinking about WGY for quite some time. But […]

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