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5 Things You Won’t See At This Yoga Studio (And Why)

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing yoga the right way? You’re not alone. A lot of people feel the same. You show up to class. You follow the instructions. You go home. Rinse and repeat. But could you be getting more from your practice? Are there things you should or shouldn’t do? Well, the […]

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5 Simple Questions Get Amazing Yoga Results

Wait! Is this where my foot goes? If this leg is straight, what is that arm doing? And I’m supposed to breathe?! Is this the conversation in your head during a yoga class? You’re not alone. A lot of people get overwhelmed when they’re learning something new. Especially in yoga because there’s so much to […]

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One Important Move Every Yogi Should Do Immediately!

Does this sound familiar? Yoga is about balance. It’s a super common expression you hear in the yoga community. And it refers to several things. One: The soothing balance of energy you experience after a good yoga class. All of the meditative moving and breathing helps your stress levels drop. Two: The improved balance from […]

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6 Simple Steps To Achieve The Power Of Meditation

Haven’t you heard? Meditation is good for you. Research shows meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. And, believe it or not, it’s easy to do. The biggest obstacle for a lot of people is time and technique. In other words, “I don’t have time and I don’t know how.” And that’s good news because we’ll go […]

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Healthy Living: These 3 Secrets Get You There

  “You need to start taking care of yourself -now- before it’s too late.” Is this the conversation in your head? It was for me… about 20 or so years ago while I was a professional musician. That time in my life was definitely the unhealthiest. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, […]

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I Stopped Doing This Yoga Pose. You Should Too. Here’s Why.

You’re wondering if yoga is safe for you. But you’ve done a little research & it’s still not clear. As soon as you speak with one yoga teacher or one yoga student, the answers seem to vary… even if just a little. It’s super common to assume that all yoga postures are good for you. The […]

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