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"It's how well you move,
not how deep you stretch,"

~Brian Friedman

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Trust our Experts

Are you secretly afraid of yoga? If you’re like most people, you probably think that all yoga teachers are the same. Take my word for it, they are not. The clients of Winter Garden Yoga are very sophisticated and they expect the very best.  We live up to that expectation.

Qualification vs. Certification

Let’s face it, anyone can become certified at anything these days. The key ingredient that separates a certified instructor from a qualified instructor is experience. At Winter Garden Yoga, our teachers are experts at what they do. Not only do our instructors hold a variety of certifications, but their qualifications include: exercise physiology, strength training and conditioning, prenatal yoga, kid’s yoga, and that’s only a few.

Don’t fall for the flashy gimmicks of other yoga studios. Trust our experts to give you a genuinely unforgettable yoga experience.

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