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Winter Garden Yoga Is a Yoga Studio Changing Lives and Our Clients Are Happy to Tell Others All about It

I was looking for a studio to find peace. Somewhere where I could learn and let my body explore positions slowly and gently. I love the energy, the people and the teachers! Thank you Winter Garden Yoga

Julie Pappas-Smith

WGY has everything a person needs to lead a healthy life. Of course there is yoga and it’s functional yoga which really helped me learn to listen to my body and strengthen it as well as heal aches and strains from the past. WGY also has guided meditation and nutrition expertise so I have learned new ways to release my stress as well as develop new eating habits so that I’ve lost weight and brought my bloodwork numbers all into the normal range! Through the pandemic WGY has been there for everyone with live yoga and meditation sessions. You are a member of a family with WGY and you will be well cared for!

Marcella Kille

Who knew I could do yoga! Winter Garden Yoga is wonderful. The instructors are amazing! It’s a completely judgment free zone and they meet you where your ability is.

Audrey Lynch

Truly the best place with great instructors! They take the time to make sure you are doing the moves correct. Love this place!

JoAnn Brownlee

Very nice space. Great instructors.

Nicholas J. Russo

I’m just getting started and really loving it! The staff is amazing, so caring and knowledgeable!

Elaina Burdette Fontana

I chose Winter Garden Yoga because of the care and focus they spend on their clients and truly making sure your practicing correctly so that you can develop at your own pace. After 6 weeks of classes I find myself stronger, more flexible and able to detach from the stress of my job and family demands. For 1 hour I focus on me. I tried other yoga classes and instructors were good at yoga but not teachers focused on client health. I have also lost weight and stand straighter. Every instructor at WGY is amazing and their mantra permeates through to their whole team. It’s a great place to feel zen, feel connected to yourself. I appreciate Brian and Karen for there steadfastness in keeping their clients feeling like they are part of something bigger than themselves. I feel a kinship among each class I attend. Thank you for giving me a renewed energy to focus on my body and my health! Namaste 🙏🏼 🧘‍♀️

Jennifer Balladares

I love the wide variety of classes and times, and the staff are always very helpful and friendly.

Darlene Cerkiewicz

Just finished my third class yesterday. I've experienced three different instructors and they were all terrific! I'm totally new to yoga and they are patient and welcoming. I'm hopeful this helps with my running and overall fitness level.

Linda Hall

great yoga studio exactly what it is supposed to be. no judging, friendly and informative. nice people all levels welcome. zen atmosphere without being over the top

Kelly Abernethy

Just such a wonderful sessions... above and beyond.. reminded me of classes I did in San Francisco 💕

Meredith Allen Goodlatte

Love WGY. I moved out of town for a while so hadn’t been for a while and after today’s class, realize how much I missed the team and their way of guiding you in yoga. Just took the Yoga Nidra class with Karen. OMG! I don’t relax or let go easily. We started class and next thing I know, 45minutes has gone by! How is that possible? It was unreal and I feel awesome. Great seeing Teresa too in the class who teaches the Fri pm beginner yoga. Love you all.

Jeanne Ford

This yoga studio is the real deal! They actually mean it when they say you don't need to be flexible. Instead it's about getting the most out of your own capabilities and using proper technique. The instructors are fabulous and really care about you. I'm so glad I joined!

Susie Goebeler

Winter Garden Yoga

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