Yoga Stretches For Equestrians (5 Stretches You Need To Know)


Yoga Stretches For Equestrians (5 Stretches You Need To Know)

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Yoga Stretches for Equestrians is a quick and easy home yoga practice designed to provide stability, strength and gentle release to help offset the demands of horse back riding.

It doesn’t matter if your’re an equestrian or not, this follow along session provides a valuable opportunity for mind/body connection to your core, entire spine, and hips.

Locust pose helps strengthen your spine and lengthen your front.

Cat/Cow helps balance your torso … front and back.

“Dirty Dog” stabilizes and strengthens your core while lengthening your inner thighs.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch releases your tight hips and helps with strong posture.

Downward Dog helps relieve your tight hamstrings and low back.

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Thanks for watching!

Brian Friedman


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