Beginners Yoga |LIVE| Sneak Peek, Winter Garden Yoga


Beginners Yoga |LIVE| Sneak Peek, Winter Garden Yoga


Truly beginner-friendly, safe, and efficient yoga!

It’s difficult finding yoga classes for bodies that aren’t super bendy. It could be you have a nagging injury, maybe some side effects from surgery, maybe it’s just age-related … you name it.

A lot of people feel the same way.

The good news?

We’ve got an online solution that can help. We call it Winter Garden Yoga Stream (WGY Stream)

We use clear, step-by-step instruction. In plain English. We teach you how to move your body safely, which muscles to engage, how to heighten your awareness, and how to adjust if needed … even if it means skipping a pose.

Our method is safe & practical. No pretzel poses. We help you get stronger and more flexible while diminishing the risk of injury. Not many other online yoga services offer this. 😮

We know because we’ve seen what’s out there. And, believe it or not, we hear it from our students.

If you’re ready to finally feel the amazing benefits of yoga without feeling intimidated. If you’re ready to have someone take you step-by-step through a class safely … without the mystery and confusion … we’re inviting you to give us a try. 👍

Just click here, follow the steps, and enjoy a FREE class! 🎁

We appreciate your support 😀


Brian Friedman

PS: You can purchase single digital classes at our popular online store.

PPS: You can enjoy lots of amazing free content on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe because it helps us spread the good word 👍




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