Benefits of Yoga and FAQ

51 Powerful Reasons to Try Winter Garden Yoga

*Results may vary from person to person.

  • “Changing my life…one pose at a time!”
  • “I can honestly say that Brian and his team have developed a world-class community here at Winter Garden Yoga.”
  • “I love that you can feel comfortable and benefit just as much no matter what level you are.”
  • “My pain and stress level has diminished more than I ever imagined.”
  • “The best teachers you can find are all here!”
  • “You can get fit and de-stress at the same time.”
  • “This studio is the best.”
  • “No judgments just helpful, genuine love of yoga and how it can benefit you.”
  • “I’m new to yoga. I felt comfortable from day one.”
  • “I was looking for a yoga studio that was more “Yoga” and less “gym-like” and found not only this, but also a studio that offers personal development…”
  • “I’m in good shape and feel great! If you want lasting results, become a VIP at WGY.”
  • “For anyone hesitant to try out Yoga, I definitely recommend giving WGY a try.”

  • “Fantastic! True to advertising ‘no flexibility required’ as I am testament to that.“
  • “After just the first month I was changed for the better both inside and out.”
  • “The instructors and the other students were so warm and welcoming.”
  • “Winter Garden Yoga has Changed My Life.”
  • “After 6 weeks, I noticed muscles that are NEW, and my chiropractor told me that I am strong. My massage therapist has even commented about the positive changes in my muscles.”
  • “I’ve tried several other places through the years but winter garden yoga is the place that I stay with!”
  • “You don’t have to be flexible.”
  • “…noncompetitive and emphasis on not doing postures that have no benefit and could cause bodily harm.”
  • “’Zen’ space with instructors that take interest in their clients on an individual basis…”
  • “I am feeling better and losing fat!”
  • “You feel great when you leave each class and look forward to the next one.”
  • “This is the first time in my life I’ve looked forward to exercising and love going to class.”

An intelligent approach to yoga trumps gimmicks every time.

  • “I dropped 8 -10 lbs. and have gone down at least 2 sizes in clothing.”
  • “I noticed after attending class for one week that my back and knee pain had gone away.”
  • “I lost weight and many inches and gained strength, balance, and self-esteem.”
  • “I feel so much less stress and pain than when I started a month ago.”
  • “I have never experienced YOGA like this.”
  • “Winter Garden Yoga is great — a relaxing experience and a good workout without pain.”
  • “Even my husband (a non-yoga person) loved it!”
  • “I have so much respect and trust for the whole staff. I have also made many wonderful and caring friends.”
  • “I would recommend this yoga studio in a heartbeat.”
  • “I am not as stiff in the mornings when I get out of bed.”
  • “I have better posture.”
  • “It has nothing to do with how flexible you are. You do what is comfortable for your own body.”
  • “… smaller classes at WGY and the personal attention…”

  • “Winter Garden Yoga made me feel that it was OK not to be able to do a pose.”
  • “I have not felt this good since graduating High School in 1979.”
  • “Physically, I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a teenager.”
  • “My body is getting a little bit leaner. [My friends] are starting to notice.”
  • “I’ve gained back a lot of my former energy and lost 7 pounds!”
  • “My pain level had diminished by at least 75%. I no longer rely on the medication.”
  • “It was the best decision of 2014!”
  • “I felt so rejuvenated at the end of the practice that the tasks set for the day did not seem so daunting.”
  • “I have lost 20 pounds and 4 inches.”
  • “Yes my clothes feel better now but more importantly I feel strong.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 12 West Plant Street in beautiful downtown Winter Garden.

Q: Can I get the benefits of yoga if I’m not flexible?

A: Yes. You will increase your strength, increase your mobility, and increase your energy when you use our method of yoga.

Q: Will I be comfortable in class… even if I’m just a beginner?

A: Yes. We make everyone of all levels feel welcome in class. You will be encouraged to modify poses if needed… you will even be encouraged to skip poses if needed. Everyone was a beginner at some point and we honor that.

Q: Is the room kept at a reasonable temperature?

A: Yes. In fact, some yogis would think that our studio is too cold. Hot yoga is popular, for sure… but we prefer room temperature or below.

Q: Will I get toned if I do Yoga?

A: Yes, it’s possible to get toned if you do yoga. You will learn how to use your muscles to get the most out of each and every yoga posture. When you use your muscles (instead of flexibility) you’ll be safer, too.


“I highly recommend WGY if you want to get healthy and fit in a comfortable environment with people that really care about your well-being.”

*Results may vary from person to person.



More energy, Lost inches, Much happier