“I Wanted To Feel Strong And Fit”


“I Wanted To Feel Strong And Fit”

Do you have terrible back pain brought on by endless hours at work?

You’re not alone.

A lot of folks experience the exact same thing.

It can lead to feelings of defeat because you’re accustomed to doing “normal” things that cause concern because you don’t want to injure yourself.

Plus, you know you have to take action … but who can you trust?

This probably sounds familiar.

That’s what makes Marty’s spectacular story stand out.

Marty runs a small business with her husband and she knew it was time to get ahead of the curve. She knew the physical demands of the job she loves needed to be offset with strength, mobility, and less stress.

If Marty didn’t take action, she may not be able to provide valuable service to her important clients.

Can you guess what happens next?

After making a major commitment to herself, Marty began practicing yoga at Winter Garden Yoga.

Back pain? Gone.

There’s a lot more to Marty’s amazing story. Please read on …

I had been walking by the studio for years and always wanted to try yoga.

My husband and I own a small 2 person business that supports the artistic imaginations of the local theme park designers. This business can be very physical at times and turning 60 made me realize that to stay fit and uninjured I needed guidance to continue doing what I love.

I would read the testimonials on the window and notice the graphics on the studio front that emphasized no flexibility required and beginners are welcome.

Plus, I love Winter Garden.

I started in October and knew that we would be going to England over Christmas to see our son and his wife and that would mean tons of hiking. I wanted to feel strong and fit not tired and trying to keep up.

Mission accomplished.

On the business end, work in the shop (no A/C) has become easier. Learning proper lifting techniques, breathing for meditation and concentration when you hit a mental creative wall, learning to take a moment and realign my body when I’m feeling the effects of being on my feet after 12 hours.

After a long day and my lower back would start to ache I have learned to take a moment and focus, tighten down my core get my mountain pose strong and then enjoy the relief I get.

I really enjoy the strength (mentally and physically) I gain each time I attend class.

The instructors are never on auto-pilot and are always coming up with new and interesting poses and tips on how to gain more flexibility and strength.

The things I like best about Winter Garden Yoga are messages like, never push to pain, breathe, meditation – feeling safe, secure, and happy.

And the reminder that each time you come to practice yoga it can be different because our bodies are feeling different everyday.

Marty’s Message To You

Stop trying to peek in the window, come in and you will feel welcome. You practice and learn at your own pace and will never feel you have to keep up with anyone, only please yourself to meet your goals.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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