“I’m So Thankful For Winter Garden Yoga.”


“I’m So Thankful For Winter Garden Yoga.”

Have you ever wondered if yoga was right for you?

A lot of people have wondered the same thing. And it makes sense because you don’t know if the teachers are qualified to teach. You don’t know if you’ll be judged. You don’t know if you’ll feel welcomed into the studio’s community.

It seems like it happens to everyone.

But what if you took a chance? What if you did your research and spoke with someone at a yoga studio … someone who cared about you and your situation? What then?

Well, that’s what Nell’s story is all about and that’s why we’re proud to have Nell as this month’s VIP Spotlight.

Her story is straight to the point and powerful. Take a few minutes and discover what motivated someone with back pain, poor balance, and just feeling “blah” to take action and turn her life around.

Check out Nell’s story in her own words …

I was complaining (again) to my daughter about feeling “blah” and worried about my physical woes.

She suggested I might try yoga, specifically Winter Garden Yoga.

I thought about this and contacted Karen, who suggested we meet so she could explain about the studio and answer
any concerns. We agreed upon a time and met at the studio.

During our meeting, Karen asked what benefits I was looking for from yoga. I explained my balance was getting worse and I had lost lots of mobility. I also expressed concern about my back. After surgery, two of my vertebrae contained a “U-bolt” and screws, I was afraid of many exercise classes gyms.

I didn’t know how to use the weights or equipment and was not sure the trainers were educated about my back situation.

Karen reassured me yoga practice at Winter Garden Yoga was safe for my back and the instructors were welcoming with no judgment. She explained better balance, increased mobility and greater strength were also benefits.

After a trial class I felt comfortable becoming a Winter Garden Yoga VIP.

All Karen told me has come true.

My back muscles are stronger. I’m more flexible and balance has improved beyond my expectations. But the benefits don’t stop there. I feel welcomed and accepted in the studio. Encouragement and calm are unexpected gains.

Phrases like, “Don’t push to pain.” “Your technique is more important than how deep the pose.” “Pat yourself
on the back for showing up for yoga” are giving me more confidence, a better outlook and an ongoing feeling of calm.

The instructors and my practice at Winter Garden Yoga are making such a difference. Being a VIP at Winter Garden Yoga is a wonderful experience and is adding to my quality of life with each practice.

I’m so thankful for Winter Garden Yoga.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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