Stiff Neck? (This May Help)


Stiff Neck? (This May Help)

Got a stiff neck?

You’re in good company because a great abundance of folks have one too.

Most of the time -especially these days – a stiff neck is brought on by poor posture. You slump over your phone. You slump over your desk. You slump while watching TV. Believe it or not, you’re probably slumping 23 hours out of your 24- hour day.

That’s a lot.

All of that slumping can lead to “anterior head carriage.”

One definition of AHC reads, “Anterior Head Carriage (AHC) is the term used to describe the forward position of the head on the neck. You can see this by looking at someone from the side to see if their ear is forward of their shoulder (this may even be you!). The more forward a person’s head, the more stress is placed on the neck.” –

According to Core Chiropractic, negative symptoms of AHC include, but are not limited to …


Dowager’s Hump (Granny’s Hump)

Compressed Discs

Nerve Impingement Syndrome

Damaged Vertebra

Arm Pain

Bone Spurs

And on and on …

The good news? There are simple things you can do throughout your day, every day, to help offset the endless discomfort. Shall I show you now?

Retract Your Skull

Just pull your face straight back. Don’t look up. Don’t look down. Keep your eyes level and pull your ears back over your shoulders.

This is something you’ll (probably) have to do throughout your day. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to hold this position for hours on end … it’s (probably) not a good idea, either. However, when you catch your skull drifting forward, practice some retraction to balance out the muscle groups in your neck.


Check out this helpful blog post. It’s something easy you can do, 30-seconds at a time, pretty much anywhere. It can help improve your posture and alleviate slump-related issues.

Support Your Neck

This is a tip I picked up from my friend, and fellow yoga teacher, Michelle Stobart.

The next time you lie down facing up, pay attention to the padding under your head.

Do you have so much padding that you’re putting yourself (unknowingly) into forward head carriage?

If you answered, “yes” you may want to reconsider your set up because you don’t want to perpetuate such a damaging posture.

Instead, try supporting only your cervical spine … your neck bones. You can roll up a small towel and place that, horizontally, in the center of your neck … kind of like one of those airplane pillows. That way, you’re getting the support you need without reinforcing bad habits.

Of Course

Check with your doctor or healthcare provider first before you try any exercise or exercise program. You may require special attention for your specific condition.

But if you get the “go ahead” these simple techniques may be helpful.

Why Wait?

If you’ve had a stiff neck forever, it can feel like nothing will ever work.

A lot of people experience those same feelings.

However, if you make a few simple changes to your lifestyle, there’s a good chance you can find relief. And you’ve got three easy-to-follow methods, right here, at your finger tips.

Make a commitment, right now, to get the “go ahead” from your doctor and try the helpful exercises provided in this blog.

Before you know it, you may have better posture and a mobile neck.

You’ve got this!


Brian Friedman


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