5 Yoga Myths Busted!


5 Yoga Myths Busted!

From the desk of Brian Friedman, Owner/Director of Winter Garden Yoga.

It’s not a secret anymore, yoga is good for you. We’ve seen yoga featured on our favorite TV shows, in local newspaper articles, our favorite singers are even practicing yoga. No doubt by now you’ve heard all about yoga’s excellent benefits:

  • Getting strong
  • Getting toned
  • Getting de-stressed
  • Feeling young

On the flip side, unfortunately, you’ve probably heard some of the trash talk about yoga too:

  • You have to be flexible
  • You have to use a heated room
  • You have to be a celebrity
  • Yoga is a weird cult/religion
  • Your teachers have to be certified by this organization or that organization

And the list goes on and on.

The good news is that I am here to filter out all of the garbage and shed some light on this very controversial topic. And believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been in the yoga business one way or another since my first class in 1993.

I’ve rubbed elbows with some of the top names in the yoga industry and I’ve pretty much experienced everything that the yoga world has to offer: hot yoga, gentle yoga, vigorous yoga, therapeutic yoga, and more. I’ve interviewed medical doctors on the subject as well as conversations with chiropractors, sports medicine physicians, massage therapists, and master athletic trainers.

In this blog  – 5 Yoga Myths Busted – I am going to draw upon the cumulative total of 21 years of experience and endless hours of research and debates to shoot down the top five myths that surround yoga and replace fiction with fact. Plus some tips on what to look for when seeking a reputable yoga studio.

Myth: You have to be flexible to do yoga.

BUSTED: You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. Flexibility (I prefer to use the word ‘mobility’) is a beneficial side effect of a regular yoga practice. Look for a teacher or a studio that does not emphasize flexibility. Instead you should look for a teacher or a studio that teaches proper alignment and proper movement. Proper alignment and movement will lead to true flexibility naturally.

Myth: You have to use a heated room to do yoga.

BUSTED: Although ‘hot yoga’ is extremely popular, ultimately it is just a gimmick. Think about it for a second… if you have to bring your environment to 99 degrees F and above in order to move, what will happen when you are out of that environment? If you go to pick up your groceries, will you have to wait for it to be hot in order for you to do so? Heated rooms create false flexibility and can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, as well as other negative side effects. Look for a studio that uses room temperature for their classes. The reason is simple: you want to be able to move well at all times and not be limited to moving well when the temperature is right.

Myth: You have to be a celebrity or movie star to do yoga.

BUSTED: Yoga is for everybody. Yes, it’s true that celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Sting, Adam Levine, Robert Downy Jr., and Dr. Oz all do yoga. And it’s true that all of those folks look great. The truth (and the good news) is that yoga is available to you, too. That means you can begin to reap the benefits of yoga right now. Look for a studio that is welcoming to all people. Make sure each class is made up of a variety of ages, sizes, and shapes and that everyone benefits.

Myth: Yoga is a weird cult/religion.

BUSTED: I think that fitness expert, Tony Horton, said it best, “Yoga is just yoga.” That’s all. Yoga is a way of slowing things down in order to connect the mind and body through movement and breathing. That’s it. And when we slow things down we begin to feel better, move better, de-stress, and unwind. That is the beauty of yoga… it carries over into our lives in a positive way. Look for yoga studios that teach in a neutral and inviting way for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy.

Myth: You should only take classes with a teacher certified in_______________.

BUSTED: Certain certifications look good on a teacher’s resume, but the truth is that qualification outranks certification in every case. You see, anyone can pay their money and become certified as a yoga teacher. But a piece of paper doesn’t guarantee that an instructor can lead a class smoothly and safely. Look for yoga teachers who are qualified, not just certified.

What to take away from all of this…

The reality is that yoga is awesome and is something anyone should be able to do. The trick is just doing it and I’ve put together some important tips to help you with that. Always use this valuable advice when seeking out a yoga teacher or a yoga studio.If you follow the guidance in this blog, you will have easily doubled your chance at success.

Winter Garden Yoga is a world renowned yoga studio recognized for providing a unique form of functional yoga instruction (TM) that gives you a toned, pain-free body that leaves you feeling great whether you’re currently flexible or not.

Unlike ordinary yoga studios with packed classes that over stretch and leave you feeling lost in the crowd, our services focus on strength, mobility, and nutrition all wrapped up into a caring, supportive, family-like environment you’ll call home.

Contact us or give us a call at 407-579-9889 for a free, no obligation consultation ($87 value) to find a package plan that is perfect for you.

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