5 Truths For Finding Good Yoga Teachers


5 Truths For Finding Good Yoga Teachers

Okay- you’ve decided it’s time to “get in shape”.

Finally, you’re ready to look better and feel better the sensible way- through nutrition and exercise.

Because time and experience has shown you the truth…


Look for highly qualified teachers who have your goals in mind.


Diets don’t work, ab gizmos don’t work & infomercials are a joke.You’re finally ready to get real and transform your body once and for all.

You’ve heard the amazing success stories, watched many episodes of “The Biggest Loser”, read about Hollywood’s secret weight loss weapon and have decided to seek out the guidance of a yoga teacher.

But not all yoga teachers are created equal, so how do you find the right yoga teacher for YOU?

1. They must be qualified to teach.

It is easy to become certified in anything these days. A few dollars and a few days of training doesn’t make someone an expert. Look for a qualified instructor who has years of teaching experience under their belts. There is a big difference between a “certified instructor” and a “qualified professional”.

2. They should do more than just “take you through a class.”

A top quality yoga teacher does more than just “take you through a class”. Anyone can tell you what to do. Look for an instructor who will educate you about all the components necessary to achieve optimal health and wellness results. Your teacher should review breathing, good posture, alignment, movement, and strength versus flexibility. Also look for goal setting, a plan of action, and holding you accountable. Supporting you through the entire process is absolutely critical to your success.


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3. Ask for Proof of Results.

A top yoga instructor should be able to do more than just talk about results- they should be able to prove they deliver. Ask for proof of client results. Do they have before & after photos of clients? Testimonials? References? Can you speak with a client to inquire about their experience working with them? If a yoga instructor can’t offer this kind of concrete proof than be careful.

4. Ask for a Guarantee.

It’s no secret… there is more dissatisfaction in the health industry than any other industry. That’s crazy. Think about it- if you took your car to a mechanic you’d expect it to be fixed- not come back with 2 or 3 pings and a loose belt! Working with a yoga instructor should be the same as any other industry. If they aren’t willing to guarantee your results, then find someone who will. Spending your time and energy without a guarantee of results is like going to that terrible mechanic! Don’t waste your money or…  more importantly… your time working with someone who can’t offer an iron clad guarantee of your success.

5. Look for someone who will empower you for life!

A great yoga instructor will do more than just help you to achieve your goals. A true professional will teach you the foundation of knowledge so you will no longer be lost in the “sea of confusion” when it comes to all the yoga, diet, and exercise hype. The foundation of knowledge and the correct technique you’ll learn should allow you to maintain your results for life!

Finding a qualified yoga teacher can be hard work. That’s true.

But the secret to finding a teacher that’s right for you is to jump on the internet, search the web, make a few phone calls, and ask some simple questions.

I’ve put together a Five Point Checklist to keep on hand when you’re ready to speak with a yoga teacher to make sure they’re the right choice. You can also refer to this powerful list when you’re looking at websites!

Are you going to download your Five Point Checklist and get started?


Brian Friedman Owner/Director WinterGardenYoga.com

Brian Friedman

Winter Garden Yoga meets the criteria of this article. If you live in the Winter Garden area, Contact Us or give us a call at 407-579-9889 to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Our mission is to help women get the benefits of yoga. Even if they aren’t flexible. We’re experts with beginners and you’ll be part of a family instead of feeling lost in an over-crowded yoga class… we guarantee it 😉

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