[Video] Your Abs’ Evil Twin Sister


[Video] Your Abs’ Evil Twin Sister


Here is the final installment of our four part blog series dedicated to developing your core.

In this very fascinating video clip, you will see me demonstrating the fourth and final step in optimizing your abs: the bird dog (or sometime called the quadruped). I like the bird dog  because it does for the back of your body what bicycles do for the front of your body. In other words, the bicycles work things such as your ‘six pack muscle’ and your torso twisting muscles. The bird dog works your glutes, your shoulders, stabilizes your torso muscles, and more.

Here’s a simple version of the bird dog…


In my opinion, the bird dog is a key, often over looked, step to strengthening our core/abs.

A couple of tips:

  • Get this and any physical activity cleared from your doctor before you begin.
  • Once you are cleared, try practicing belly breathing for one minute.
  • Then try practicing neck nodding for one minute.
  • Then try practicing the bicycle for one minute.
  • Finally, try practicing the bird dog for one minute.

Now you’ve got yourself an amazing abs routine in less than five minutes.

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