Teacher Spotlight: Teresa


Teacher Spotlight: Teresa

Teresa’s Background

I discovered WINTER GARDEN YOGA in February 2013 and officially became a teacher in November 2015. I instantly gained the confidence I needed to teach by practicing the Functional Yoga Instruction methods for over 2 1⁄2 years and refining these methods by attending the 20 hour FYI immersion course. By using the WINTER GARDEN YOGA systems and by following the instructions I was given, I was able to see incredible results in myself that I wanted to share with others.

Teresa’s Story

My mother introduced me to yoga in 1975 when I was 12 years old. My brother and I watched as she did her daily practice and mimicked the poses as she did them. A year later, we moved to Encinitas, CA so she could be near the yoga teachings and follow her chosen path.

I wasn’t into yoga that much as a teenager because I was more interested in surfing.

Flash forward to 2012: I was close to 50, out of shape and in a lot of pain. I was visiting my athletic brother and his triathlete wife in Kona, Hawaii where we all grew up. I worked out with them every day I was there and made a New Years resolution to get back in shape. The problem was I was in so much pain that working out was nearly impossible.

Thatʻs when I decided to try the new yoga studio in Winter Garden when I returned home.

Teresa found pain relief with the methods of Winter Garden Yoga & wants to share that with others.

Teresa found pain relief with the methods of Winter Garden Yoga & wants to share that with others.

After a short time practicing FYI, I felt a huge difference! The pain became almost non-existent, my posture improved and I was noticing positive changes in my body. My work that normally caused more physical pain became easier by applying the techniques I learned at WGY! Taking the practice of the mat and applying it to my everyday life saved me.

Practicing these methods made such a profound difference in my life that it inspired me to share them with others.

What I love best about teaching for Winter Garden yoga is having the opportunity to help others have the same positive impact Iʻve enjoyed by practicing FYI. Also, being able to work with an amazing group of people that share like goals for health and continue to expand my knowledge base of this amazing method of yoga.

Becoming a Winter Garden Yoga VIP is one of the most important decisions you can make for your health and well-being. Practicing at Winter Garden Yoga will bring you results you never thought possible, just stay the course and you will get there!

It’s the only routine that I have been able to stick with in my life and I’ve never felt better.

This Might Surprise You

I’ve never really enjoyed exercise and have only forced myself to do it to achieve an end result. For the first time in my life, I love being in a routine to stay in shape, and look forward to my practice and teaching it!

Thanks, Winter Garden Yoga!


Awesome, Teresa! Thanks for sharing your story!

Brian Friedman

Winter Garden Yoga is a world renowned yoga studio recognized for providing a unique form of functional yoga instruction (TM) that gives you a toned, pain-free body. Leaving you feeling great whether you’re currently flexible or not.

Unlike ordinary yoga studios with packed classes that over stretch and leave you feeling lost in the crowd, our services focus on strength, mobility, and nutrition all wrapped up into a caring, supportive, family-like environment you’ll call home.

Contact us or give us a call at 407-579-9889 for a free, no obligation consultation ($87 value) to find a package plan that is perfect for you.

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