Our Bottom 5 Blog Posts of 2015


Our Bottom 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Why on earth would I share our least popular blog posts of 2015?

Who knows? You may get something valuable from them the second time around.

If you missed it, here’s our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2015.

Now onto our not-so-popular posts…


#5 – What Type of Person Are You?

The Blamer's Mindset

This blog explores the difference in mindset of those who find solutions vs. those who find problems.

Yes, it’s definitely a touchy subject… which makes it quite a conversation starter.


#4Wake Your Abs Up


This was part 1 of a three part series on how to strengthen your core properly. This post contains a brief video demonstration of how to wake up your abs before your begin to train them.

1 side effect from this technique could include loosening up your stiff neck and shoulders.


#3 – Your Abs’ Evil Twin Sister




An angry Medusa against a raging dark sky - 3d render with photograph and digital painting. All elements by Linda Bucklin.

This was part 2 of a three part series on how to strengthen your core properly. Believe it or not, your core includes the front, the sides, and the back of your mid-section.

Most folks concentrate solely on the front side (aka… the six pack). When this happens, imbalances take place in the core which could lead to back pain.

The video demonstration shows a simple way to avoid this from happening as well as toning up the entire backside of your body.


#25 Easy Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle


If you walk around in a haze all day, you miss out on a lot. And you could be damaging your body in very subtle ways… slouching while you walk is a big one.

This post shares some simple tips to heighten your awareness of the simple things which could improve your lifestyle in ways you never thought about.


#1 – 3 More Things You Didn’t Know



This blog was a follow up to our popular post… 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Winter Garden Yoga.

It contains a few more fun facts of your beloved yoga studio.


So what did you think?

Did you pick up anything new?



Winter Garden Yoga is known around the world as the only studio where you can get the benefits of yoga without being flexible.

Is it time for positive change? Are you ready to become part of a like-minded community where you’ll feel comfortable as you get into shape?

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