Jedi Mind: [The Definitive Guide]


Jedi Mind: [The Definitive Guide]

You probably know about many ways of developing an unshakable mind, but I’ve assembled a sure-fire three step process in this definitive guide.

One is super easy.

One will take some time and practice.

One is hard to believe it’s possible.

But they’re all here.

Step One – Begin In A Cave

Meditation is the name of the game. And the first step to achieving your indestructible mindset is to practice in a safe space where you’ll be undisturbed.

Yes, a yogi (or a Jedi), may have had a cave available to them for practice. But for you, let’s stick with a room in your house… at least for now.

Once you’ve established where you’ll meditate, make sure you will be free of ALL distractions. Pets, kids, phones, TVs, and the list goes on. You’ll need peace and quiet while you practice.

Choose how long you’ll sit. I began my meditation practice with five minute intervals. It’s okay to start small. The key is to be consistent. Tip: schedule your meditation practice on your smart phone. Make it a priority.

Set a timer and go. That’s it. Just sit in silence until your timer goes off. You’re done. Now repeat the same process the next day, and the next, and the next. put together a list of The Best Meditation Apps. My personal favorite is Buddhify.

You may find following along with a voice-lead meditation is easier than sitting in complete silence.

Step Two – Get Out Of Your Cave (But Not Too Far)

After you’ve spent about 12 weeks mastering step one, it’s time to take it up a notch.

I live in Central Florida. And pretty much every day of the year you’ll hear a lawnmower. Or a leaf blower. Or a hedge trimmer. Or any combination of everything related to lawn care.

And that’s a good thing because life is full of distractions. The key is to not get distracted.

That’s why step two is critical in your Jedi mind development.

Prepare yourself for your meditation practice as you normally would. This time, however, open your window to let some of the outside noise into your space.

Don’t adjust the volume in your ear buds to drown out the noise. Instead, do your best to deepen your concentration.

Pretty soon you’ll notice the conversations at the water cooler won’t interrupt your work flow at the office. You’ll also notice you don’t get as “rattled” as you used to when someone (or something) disturbs your train of thought.

Step Three – Go Out Into The World

After you’ve spent about 12 weeks mastering step two, it’s time to go into the world and practice.

Smart phones. Pings from text messages. Facebook. Instagram. Advertisements. Loud music. Loud people. It’s all out there waiting to grab your attention.

But the Jedi’s mind is strong and focused.

And your mind will be strong and focused, too.

It’s hard to explain. You won’t walk around like a mindless zombie, totally unaware of your surroundings. You won’t be “tuned out.”

The opposite is true.

You will be completely aware of everything going on. The difference is you won’t be pulled into the fray. You will merely observe.

The only way to find out for yourself, is to get started with your training.

How can I use this guide for my Jedi mind?

Make a commitment to practice every day. You’ll be amazed to discover what five minutes of meditation can do for you.

Stick with the plan and don’t rush the process. You need to develop the easy stuff first. For example, it’s easier to sit in a quiet room to practice meditation than it is to practice meditation with a lawnmower revving it’s engine outside your open window.

Take a step back as needed. If I get overwhelmed by distractions while I’m out in the world, I know it’s time for me to go back to the cave and seal the cracks in my foundation. And that’s okay. You may need to “brush up” on the fundamentals of your Jedi mind training, too. Everyone does. So just do it if you need it.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman



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