This Yoga Studio Is Not A Fad. (It’s This…)


This Yoga Studio Is Not A Fad. (It’s This…)

The Least You Need To Know

Liz has gotten rid of hip pain, improved her balance, increased her strength, and gotten rid of back pain.

She did it by making simple long-term life style changes. She’s doing yoga twice a week, riding her bike regularly, and she’s making her health and wellness a priority.

That’s why Winter Garden Yoga is proud to feature Liz’s incredible story as our VIP Spotlight.

She Was Just A Mess

Liz was going through a tough time in her life. Among other things, she was going through the stress of a divorce.

“I let myself fall into a state of depression, basically, I just wasn’t doing anything,” Liz said, “I was just a mess.”

Her hip was “killing her” and she had to use a wheelchair when she did things with her family.

During a visit to New York, her friend’s father was going through physical therapy.

“My friend encouraged me to try some simple PT (Physical Therapy) exercises three times a day,” said Liz, “because she really thought it would help me.”

After trying the PT exercises, Liz was able to ride her bike again.

Once she was up and feeling better, her friend suggested giving yoga a try.

“I had taken yoga a lot when I was in my 20s and I loved it. So I thought, yoga is something that I should do,” Liz said.

She Found Her Studio

“I saw an ad for Winter Garden Yoga on Facebook and decided to give Winter Garden Yoga a try,” said Liz.

Liz felt that WGY was exactly what she needed because the pretzel poses she’d seen in other yoga studios weren’t going to work for her.

“It seems like you put so much thought into your classes. You take the same yoga poses that other people do and make them much better,” Liz said.

Since becoming a VIP, Liz has increased her strength, improved her balance, gotten rid of her back pain, and more.

“My hips are much more agile and my balance is improving so much,” said Liz.

“I can pick up a 40 pound bag of dog food now, pain-free, and that used to be impossible. I have so much more strength in my arms, my back, everything just feels strengthened,” Liz said.

She also noticed the more flexible she becomes the more stuff she can do. And because she can do more, Liz has lost 35 pounds with the help of Winter Garden Yoga.

“Stuff that hasn’t fit me in so long is fitting me again and it feels so good,” said Liz.

Her Secret For Staying On Track

“I knew I had to take care of me and get some ‘me’ time,” Liz observed.

There are so many people that need Liz, she discovered that if she didn’t take care of herself, then she isn’t going to be around to take care of everyone else.

“If you don’t fill up the well, you have nothing with which to replenish other people’s needs. You’ve got to fill up the well,” said Liz.

That’s why Liz feels her time at Winter Garden Yoga is so critical.

“If I’m in a wheelchair at 50 what’s my life going to be like when I’m 70? I need to be vital. I need to be alive,” Liz said. So Liz makes it clear that yoga night is yoga night and she’s not going to be around for socializing.

“All of my friends know that on yoga days I’m not going to be around for phone calls and stuff,” said Liz, “All of my friends support my decision to make my well being a priority. In fact, my sons are my biggest fans.”

Of course if there’s something crucial, Liz will make plans to miss yoga, but otherwise, her yoga gets top priority.

“And you know what?,” Liz asked,”The world kept turning, my kids are still alive, and the dog got fed.”

Liz’s Message To You

“Try Winter Garden Yoga because there’s no reason to be on the fence … the exception would be if someone is looking for one of those crazy new age hot yoga or turn yourself into a pretzel place because those are fads.

“At WGY, only the real, core principles remain true. And that’s what I see at Winter Garden Yoga. They are truly interested in helping people improve their lives. These guys are not interested in looking good in a yoga pose.

“Winter Garden Yoga is not a fad. Winter Garden Yoga is real.”

Liz says she feels so comfortable because she’s in a classroom in her age group. She says it’s wonderful because she doesn’t feel like she’s going stand out if  she can’t do a pose.

“It feels like we’re all working towards the same goal,” said Liz, “I feel blessed to have found WGY.”

How About Your Success Story?

It can feel impossible to turn your life around.

It’s the same story for everyone. Being super busy, taking care of everyone else, fearing the unknown.

But, you have the power to make a permenant and positive change.

It’s easy.

Make the commitment to take action now. Stop putting it off.

Call your doctor and get the “go ahead.” Then grab your phone and call the nearest yoga studio. Talk with someone to find out if their studio is the right fit (here’s a great article that will help).

When you’ve found your place, schedule your first class, and go.

Before you know it, you could have less pain, more strength, more energy, and be able to give more to those who need you.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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