How Did This Runner Get Rid Of Her Knee Pain?


How Did This Runner Get Rid Of Her Knee Pain?

Do you like reading amazing stories?

Like a lot of people, Pam is a runner. She loves it and does it as part of her health and wellness routine.

But, we all know running can lead to tight muscles in your legs, sore knees, and foot pain. Pam had all three. She was also taking blood pressure medicine and struggling with those “last few” pounds.

Pam’s not alone. You’ve probably felt this way once in your life.

But how do you turn it around? How do you get stronger? How do you get off your blood pressure meds? How do you attain victory over those “last few” pounds?

You empower yourself to make a change.

And that’s what Pam did and that’s why she’s featured as our VIP Spotlight this month.

Here’s Pam’s incredible story in her own words …

I am a runner and had been struggling with a few different issues – knee and foot pain, hip tightness – all things that make running hurt!

I was also trying to lose those last few pounds that are always so hard to lose and not having much success with that either.

I found out that Winter Garden Yoga was doing a month long nutrition challenge, so I reached out to get more info on it and ended up joining the challenge.

I started going to classes and turning in my food journal and ended up winning the challenge and losing those pounds!  And I felt great after the 30 days so joined as a VIP right then.

A few years back, LuLuLemon was doing guest yoga instructors for a free yoga class on Sunday mornings and Brian was one of the instructors one week.

I really loved his teaching style – it was just different than the other instructors and made sense to me.

I didn’t live anywhere close to Winter Garden at the time so I never really looked into the studio.

After getting settled into my new townhouse in Winter Garden 3 years later, I still remembered how much I enjoyed his class.  And the nutrition challenge was the push and reminder that I needed to call.

I definitely feel stronger overall and my knee/foot pain is almost gone.

If I increase my running a lot, it will sometimes start to “talk” so I just take a few days off from running and go to an extra yoga class, especially yin yoga and it feels better again.

I also attended Brian’s breathing seminar in December, 2017 and since then, have been able to stop taking the blood pressure medication I have been taking for almost 8 years. The breathing method he taught has definitely changed my life.

I feel more grounded and happy about where I am. I love feeling like being part of a family.

All the instructors are so welcoming and nice, they really want to help you become the best version of yourself.

Also, I don’t feel any pain the next day after class like I would when I did strength training at the gym but I still feel like I am gaining strength every day!

WGY has so many success stories!  Why would you not want to become one yourself?

Are you ready to become your own success story?


Brian Friedman


PS – if you want to see for yourself the thing that makes us different … check out our excellent digital downloads.


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