The First Time She Walked In, She Knew She Found Her Home


The First Time She Walked In, She Knew She Found Her Home

Have you ever thought something was just impossible?

Like overcoming endless back pain.

Kicking a destructive 30-year habit of smoking cigarettes.

Triumphing over depression.

A lot of people would agree a list of things like this would not be do-able. They’re too hard to overcome.

That’s what makes Bobbie’s story so magnificent. Because she overcame those obstacles and much, much more.

And you know what?

She did it by sticking with her commitment to come to yoga at least twice a week.

Nothing more.

No crazy, high intensity workouts. No crazy, fad diets. No gadgets. No gimmicks. No pills.

Would you like to hear more about Bobbie’s transformation?

Check it out, in her own words…


I was at a point in my life where I knew my physical, mental and spiritual health all needed to be a priority in my life; not just one over the other.

I was looking for something where I could work on all three … body, mind and spirit.

I was so out of shape, was a workaholic, smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and had no idea about “living in the moment”.

I had also dealt with depression most of my life.

I chose Winter Garden Yoga because gyms have never worked for me. I never stuck with it and the “No Pain No Gain” theory never resonated with me.

I love that WGY is not at all about pushing your body to pain.

I also was looking for so much more than a workout.

The first time I stepped into Winter Garden Yoga I knew I had found my home.

There are so many benefits I’m feeling as a result of sticking to my commitment of a regular yoga practice.

I am definitely more toned.

I had back issues from a car accident years ago and I no longer have that pain in my lower back. I am more positive dealing with life.

WGY has taught me to live in the moment which is definitely the answer to me for depression and anxiety.

I have learned so much that goes along with each yoga pose.

I quit smoking after 30 years of smoking!!!

I can now walk up flights of stairs and take long walks without getting winded and needing multiple breaks. My son NEVER thought I would quit smoking.

I live a more content and peaceful life.

I love the instructors at Winter Garden Yoga. Each and every one of them has made such a positive impact on my life and truly teaches me something new each and every time I come to my mat.

I love the great friendships I have made at WGY and the bond I have with some very awesome women. I have formed relationships here that have changed my life.

Bobbie’s Message To You

Get off the fence!   WGY has truly changed my life in so many ways!

Body, mind and spirit.

It has truly been a beautiful journey and I look forward to seeing what else unfolds for me.

Learn to put yourself first for a change as I did.

You will be so thankful you did!


You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


If you want to experience all the amazing things Bobbie is talking about, check out our super popular video downloads. You can practice on the go, in the privacy of your living room, or anywhere you use your smart devices.


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