How is Her Resolution About To Become a Reality?


How is Her Resolution About To Become a Reality?

When was the last time you crushed an obstacle in your life?

Like learning yoga after hip replacement surgery. Or conquering chronic back pain. Or vanquishing the side effects of “middle age.”

Most people would agree things like this are just too hard to outdo.

That’s what makes Stacie’s story so impressive. She overcame those obstacles and more. And guess what?

She did it by sticking to her commitment … come to yoga at least twice a week.

That’s it.

None of those crazy, high intensity workouts. No pills. No starvation diets. Shall I share more about Stacie’s incredible transformation?

Read on … in her own words!

When I was a teenager I broke my hip, which resulted in having to have a hip replacement a couple years ago.

Along with that and hitting “middle age” I have lost strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina, which has resulted in me becoming more out of shape then I have ever been.

These things have an impact on more than just your body.

They affect your self-image as well and this is so important.

I am getting ready to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary with our family on vacation this year. I made a New Year’s resolution that I would be in better shape and have more energy by the time we leave for vacation and thanks to Winter Garden Yoga, that resolution is about to become a reality.

I knew I wanted to try yoga classes at a studio instead of going to a large gym.

WGY  had a trial offer which I took advantage of.  After only one class I knew I had found the studio I was looking for.

I loved their slogan, “Flexibility Not Required”.

Since joining Winter Garden yoga, I’ve seen positive changes with my weight and the overall body toning has been great.

I have also had lower back problems for the last 2 years but with learning the hip hinge I have learned to bend and pick up things correctly.

Since starting at WGY I have not had to go back to see a doctor about my back.  It’s also the first time that I’m able to balance on my left leg. It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to do that. Getting fit and toned along with learning practical ways to avoid injuries; these are benefits that you really can’t put a price on.

The attention the instructors give to each of the students is very important.

They take time to answer questions and make sure the time I am spending in the class is being maximized.   I had been doing a certain pose and thought I was doing it correctly, when one of the instructors had me make a minor change.  That change made a huge difference.

It is almost like having a private instructor working with you one on one.

Stacie’s Message To You

Stop putting it off and just do it.

There is no advantage in waiting.

If I had made the commitment earlier I would be so much closer to where I want to be. I am very glad that I took the leap of faith and I feel so much better about myself now, thanks to Winter Garden Yoga!


You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


PS: If you can’t make it to our studio, check out our highly acclaimed video downloads.

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