One Little Thing You Can Do For Massive Health Benefits


One Little Thing You Can Do For Massive Health Benefits

Want to take a massive step to ramp up your health?

So do I.

So do a lot of people. And it makes sense because we all want to live happy, healthy lives.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 3 decades finding, testing, and using things that work. And discarding things that don’t.

My first discovery was nutrition. I believe 99% of your troubles can be solved with eating properly. I’ve seen it first hand in my life and I’ve seen it change my client’s lives as well.

My second discovery was yoga. We all know, by now, yoga is good for you. Western science has proven it again and again. Yoga lowers your stress levels, increases your strength, and improves your mobility.

My third discovery was kettlebells. Kettlebells have been around the US for about 18 years. They look like bowling balls with handles on them. They’re versatile, fun to use, and referred to as “a gym in your hand.”

Yes, these three things – by themselves – can definitely take your health up a notch, but you may not consider them “little things.”

Shall I show you an easy-to-do activity you can perform, right now? Something that won’t require an expensive gadget, an extra gizmo, or a pill?

Nasal Breathing

Sit up tall.



Did you notice if you used your nose or your mouth?

Try again. This time, pay attention, and only use your nose.

Sit up tall.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose.

Did you feel the difference?

Stig Severisen (founder of, PhD in Medicine, and 4X Freediving World Champion.) shares some of the many benefits of nasal breathing in his informative blog post.

A few powerful highlights include:

  • Increased blood flow through a phenomenon called vasodilation
  • Higher levels of oxygen intake
  • Helps the vessels of the heart relax and expand
  • Antibacterial effect killing both bacteria and viruses as air enters your body

The take away? Do your best to nasal breathe at all times. Even during physical activity.

Bonus tip: add belly breathing to your nasal breathing and reap a double whammy benefit.

Give It A Try

A lot of people think they’ve got to spend tons of money on DVDs, programs, and equipment in order to become healthy.

And that kind of pressure for that level of investment can become a roadblock to wellness.

It’s normal to feel that way.

But, now you’ve got a simple method to increase your overall health.

It’s easy to do and you can do it anytime, anywhere because it’s right under your nose.

Make a commitment, right now, to start today.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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