With This, I Have Lost Weight and Gained Confidence (You Can, Too)


With This, I Have Lost Weight and Gained Confidence (You Can, Too)

Have you ever stepped up even though the odds were against you?

Imagine going to your first yoga class.

Your first class ever.

You don’t know if you’re going to do things right. You don’t know if you’ll be embarrassed. You don’t know if people are going to look at you weird.

Oh, by the way, imagine that you’re deaf and you’ll have to read your teacher’s lips.

Yes, a lot of folks would feel overwhelmed and probably just give up.

But not Terri. And that’s what makes her story amazing. She stepped up and chose to be brave.

You know what? She’s lost weight, gained strength, and has more confidence in herself.


Wanna hear more? Check this out in Terri’s own words …

I moved to Florida after being a wife, mother to 2 beautiful girls, and a grandmother, too!

After moving here I went on a journey to find myself and my life…who am I? What can I do?

Being deaf I was always told “you cannot do this, you cannot do that!”  Sadly, I believed those messages.

At a time when I was learning to meditate and was learning to let go of all negativity about myself, I came upon Winter Garden Yoga.

My heart burst with joy!

I decided to take a big leap and get out of my negative cycle. I chose to begin experiencing new and challenging activities.

On my first visit into the beautiful and quaint City of  Winter Garden , I fell in love with the the look and feel of the community.

As my husband and I strolled through the the downtown area, I noticed Winter Garden Yoga.

I fell in love instantly and thought to myself, “this is the perfect place for me to get started on my new, life changing experience,” because I knew I wouldn’t get lost in a crowded yoga class.

That was important to me, especially, because it can be hard for a deaf gal who reads lips to partake in class.

After contacting Karen about the yoga community and expressing my fears and concerns, she encouraged me to attend a one week trial.

I was not sure I could participate in yoga because I thought that lip reading would be a limitation. Also, I had never practiced yoga ever.

Karen and I texted for a few days, she answered all of my questions, and she encouraged me to give yoga a try. Karen was so patient and she believed in me. That was a big plus.

I finally got up the confidence to try.

Wow! Since joining, I have experienced amazing results in my mind, my body, my confidence, my relationship with myself, and my ability to believe in myself.

I have experienced overwhelming love for all the instructors for their compassion for every one of us.  Their teaching skills are over and beyond.

All the yogis that I have interacted with have given me more faith in myself.  I have experienced better breathing and more confidence.

My equilibrium is affected by my being deaf. It’s harder for me to stand in balance poses than it is for people who can hear. But as I attended my yoga classes and joint mobility classes, I learned to overcome my equilibrium issues in order to find my balance!

It is still a work in progress, but it feels good to be more balanced.

I have learned to BREATHE! Since my breathing is improving, I can quickly dissolve my anxiety and stress. Breathing is amazing!  I have more confidence. I now believe in myself and I can do it!  You can, too!

I like everything about Winter Garden Yoga.  The wonderful caring instructors that know our names! The wonderful workshops that are full of demonstrations and knowledgeable information.  The beautiful studio with hardwood floors, brick walls all in the center of beautiful Downtown Winter Garden.  The relationships the students develop with one another. It is so good to have other yogis to grow and strengthen ourselves!

If you have the slightest desire to check out yoga, then love yourself enough to listen to your desire and give yoga a chance.

Try it.

You will be amazed at the transformation of your mind, your body, and your confidence!

I used every reason to not try yoga. Yet I motivated myself and I gave it a chance. I cannot imagine how I could be where I am now without yoga.

With yoga, I have lost weight, strengthened my body, developed balance, and gained confidence. And you can, too!

I ask myself this and remind myself this ever day…

“Where would I be if I had not stepped out of my cycle to challenge myself to become a better in my mind, body, and relationships?”

I am so glad I did because I can say I am so much better now than I was 6 months ago…I have confidence, a better balanced equilibrium, and a better core belief of myself.

I am happier, I am able to de-stress myself.

All because I took action!

I love everybody and have a heart and desire for everybody to find this much transformation for themselves, too!

You’ve got this!


Brian Friedman


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