“This Is The Best Studio I Know”


“This Is The Best Studio I Know”

Do you have back issues? Knee issues?

It’s normal to have feelings like that.

It’s called life.

Feeling discouraged is natural. Maybe you’re used to walking, doing house work, and other normal things but suddenly it feels impossible to do.

Plus, you believe you’re doing all the right things. But ultimately, you’re convinced … the battle is lost.

Yes, a lot of folks would definitely agree with you.

But not Melina.

She had always loved yoga and knew of it’s many benefits. But it wasn’t until she found Winter Garden Yoga that she felt safe during class because “WGY is so fine tuned to the little things in a pose.”

Guess what? After practicing regularly at WGY, Melina’s body awareness increased exponentially. And because of that her back pain is gone and her knees are feeling better than ever.

There’s a lot more to Melina’s incredible story. Check it out in own words …

I have always loved Yoga.

Growing up in Germany it was something very VERY expensive, so I didn’t do it regularly. Coming to the US I never had time with the 2 little kids. I used to do Yoga Classes online with videos and such thing but that caused a lot of discomfort, the constant worry that I am not doing it right and even an injury after trying to attempt “crow-pose” in a BEGINNER’S online class.

I knew I wanted to pursue Yoga but didn’t know where to go until my friend found Winter Garden Yoga on Facebook and made me go with her.

I have had (and still have) a lot of stress in my life and I am NOT very resilient to it. So I thought Yoga would be a great way to help with just that.

I absolutely loved Kathy’s way of teaching right away.

The way that WGY is so fine tuned to the little things in a pose and NOT to just how deep you go into a pose but to do it correctly. I am able to do Yoga, tone my body, calm but also energize my mind without hurting myself or overdoing it.

I also really liked the schedule and the different classes that are offered. From meditation to power yoga, something for everybody and every situation! I know I can adjust my yoga practice. If I do a detox I come to Yin or Beginners Yoga, if I am in my regular workout schedule I go to power and yin…

I’ve had SO many benefits from practicing at Winter Garden Yoga!

Body awareness is the biggest one! I always thought my knee hurts because well..my knee hurts right?! Yoga made it clear that my knee hurts because my hips were off and tight.

Yoga also helped my chiropractor to figure things out better.

I would tell her about certain yoga poses and how they made my knee, hip or shoulder feel and she wants me to demonstrate the poses to see what is going on and to figure out through the yoga pose and how they feel to me and WHY it might be uncomfortable.

It’s amazing.

Also, my posture is so much better, I am aware of my posture, when I power walk I am almost constantly in a moving mountain pose. It makes me walk faster and gets me more toned.

My back pain is gone!

I am calmer when I go to yoga regularly and my breathing is better. I used to be very tight around the shoulder and neck area due to shallow breathing. Now I catch myself when I do that and start belly breathing and pay attention to where I tighten my muscles and start to actively relax them. You cannot do this if you have no body awareness.

Winter Garden Yoga taught me that awareness.

The attention to detail is what I like best at WGY. EVERY pose is explained so detailed and you will learn what every body part should do to make the pose correct.

Most other studios have a very fast “flow” and only hold the pose without further explanation. WGY will make sure that you understand the pose and fine tune it every time you get into it.

Every time I go I learn something new.

It’s amazing.

I also learned to not push my limits but still try to improve overtime. So not to rest in your comfort zone but not to hurt yourself. I also learned that your body is different every time you hit the mat.

WGY is amazing about honoring everybody’s differences.

Melina’s Message To You

Do it!

Winter Garden Yoga is the best studio I know.

You will not be disappointed. This studio will honor YOU, your body, your abilities and be gentle but still help you improve. This is not the studio that will drill you to get your hand to the floor in triangle or make you do a headstand. This studio will teach you how to keep your body mobile and smooth, toned and strong.

You will benefit from these poses in your daily life. The body awareness you learn will help you stay active and without stiffness and/or pain long term.

Because of my back issues I’ve been told to pick things up with my knees bend… that’s it. It made my knees hurt. WGY taught me to use my glutes, abs and all kinds of muscles to pick heavy things up that will NOT strain my back and will NOT hurt my knees.

Game Changer!!!

Everybody can benefit from WGY! Everybody!

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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