Is All Yoga The Same? (You Get What You Pay For)


Is All Yoga The Same? (You Get What You Pay For)

When was the last time you felt disappointed?

It’s a common feeling that everyone shares from time to time.

You’re human. It happens.

But those feelings can be magnified … especially if you think you’re doing the right thing.

Just like Kathy’s story.

Kathy joined a big box gym because she thought the variety would be worth the price. After all, you get access to an endless array of high-tech machines, fancy group classes, and more.

But you know what? It wasn’t worth it to Kathy because she couldn’t find an instructor who could explain “the correct positions to avoid injury.”

That’s why she made Winter Garden Yoga her home for health and wellness.

Read on to hear Kathy’s eloquent story in her own words …

I had taken yoga many years ago with Brian and loved the experience.

I was under the impression that all yoga classes were the same, so in an effort to get the most bang for the buck, I joined a gym that offered yoga classes along with weight machines.

I quickly learned that you get what you pay for.

I found myself not wanting to go to the gym because I just wasn’t enjoying the yoga classes nor was I getting the benefits I previously did with Brian.

It didn’t help that every yoga instructor had a different technique and I rarely found anyone explaining the correct positions to avoid injury.

I decided that I was wasting my time and money at the gym and checked out Winter Garden Yoga to see if it was worth the difference in price I would be paying.

After the first class, I signed up as a VIP and have enjoyed every single class.

I even still laugh at all of Brian’s jokes, after all this time.

The quality of instruction is priceless.

Kathy’s Message To You

Like I said earlier, you get what you pay for and it has been a smart move for me in improving my health and physical well being.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


PS: If you want to see for yourself, check out our popular YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe because you’ll have access to over 150 free videos to help you with your yoga, strength training, and pain relief.

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