“I Look Forward To Every Yoga Class”


“I Look Forward To Every Yoga Class”

Can you imagine giving up something you love?

We’ve all had to face situations like that.

For Linda, she had to give up her regular running ritual with her sisters.

She was so banged up, Linda couldn’t get out of her truck without feeling pain.

Most people would have quit right there and then. And it would have been an acceptable strategy.

Then Linda took a shot and gave Winter Garden Yoga a chance … even though she had no interest in yoga at all. But WGY’s message of “no pain” and “Experts With Beginner’s” gave her the courage to try.

Can you guess what happened next? After practicing regularly at WGY, Linda’s joints feel better, she’s more flexible, and she’s learning (and applying) stress-relieving techniques.

Wanna hear more? Check out Linda’s experience in own words …

Every weekend for the past few years I have been running 10 miles with my two sisters on the trail in
Winter Garden. I have always tried to keep myself in shape by doing either Aerobics or running.

Last year, at age 54, the wear and tear of running started to contribute to some hip and joint pain.

It was getting to the point where I could not get out of my truck after a long run.

Last April, after one of my Saturday morning runs, I walked up to the Winter Garden Yoga window to
take a peak. I decided that maybe I could try yoga and it would help relieve some of the pain associated
with running.

Winter Garden Yoga’s philosophy of “no pain” and “experts with Beginners” caught my eye.

I have never been interested in yoga before always thinking that it was too slow and not enough cardio for me. I scheduled a class the following Monday and that is when I began my new yoga journey with Teresa.

I was hooked!

I signed up that night after class as a VIP and never looked back. I love the town of Winter Garden and
even though I live in a rural area of Clermont- the studio made me feel like I am a real part of the

Since I started yoga in April of 2017, I have noticed that there are many areas of my body which have
firmed up. My joint and hip pain has decreased. The big surprise is how flexible I have become even at
my age.

Another surprise … in the fall of last year my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was
devastated. She passed away a few months later in February of 2018. Why am I telling you this? I could
not have gotten through the stress of caring for her and dealing with her death if it had not been for
yoga in my life.

Every Monday and Friday mornings Kathy and Heather remind us to try and let go of the outside world. The only thing that matters is your mat and your practice of yoga. I was able to take these words to heart to try and cleanse some of the pain and stress I was feeling.

Every instructor makes you feel an important part of the class. They know everyone by name and are
very supportive.

I will never forget the comforting hug that I received from Heather when I told her that my mom had passed away.

All the yoga poses are always explained and demonstrated in depth. Even though I have been attending regularly since 2017 I feel like there is always a pose that needs more work. I appreciate the time and effort the instructors take to ensure that everyone fully gets it.

Linda’s Message To You

Do it!

You will not regret the decision.

This will only work if you make the commitment to attend classes regularly for practice. With WGY you will not just be another client. You will be a part of the WGY family.

I look forward to every yoga class that I attend and cannot wait to go back.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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