Teacher Spotlight: Heather


Teacher Spotlight: Heather

Wanna read a great story?

It’s a triumphant tale about defeating back pain, becoming stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

A story about set backs and turning it all around … and winning.

Meet Winter Garden Yoga’s popular instructor, Heather.

Check it out, in her own words.

Back in 2013, I was recovering from a herniated disk and both my doctor and physical therapist recommend yoga.

Once I tried my first class at Winter Garden Yoga, I was hooked.  I knew the care and attention to detail would be just the right fit for me as I recovered from my injury.

And it really was.

I felt so good, I started training in CrossFit because I thought it would benefit me. That meant I started coming less to WGY.  Then, during a dead lift, I herniated my disk again and this time, it couldn’t be fixed with just injections and physical therapy.

In March of 2015, I had surgery to remove the disk fluid that was in my sciatic nerve and began the long road to recovery.

Thankfully, I turned the knowledge I received from Winter Garden Yoga into wisdom.

I began to faithfully practice yoga at the studio and slowly, carefully, deliberately, healed myself into a place of strength and peace.

Initially, I chose WGY because of how welcoming and warm Brian and Karen were.  I instantly felt a sense of peace and comfort and support from the space of the studio.

Every gym I’d ever been to felt competitive and divisive.  At Winter Garden Yoga, I felt supported and cared for.

I am much stronger physically and in all, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes and created more muscle strength.  I’m also stronger mentally and emotionally; mediation used to be something I read about in books, now it’s a regular practice and a loving habit.

The support and love and kindness I am fortunate enough to receive from the staff and our students is immeasurable.

The best part of Winter Garden Yoga is it’s available to every person, age, body type, etc.  The practice of Functional Yoga Instruction is universal and adaptable to all people.  I love how approachable yet transformational this style of yoga is.

The fact that every class starts with a reminder to never push into pain is so important.

If you’re on the fence about trying WGY, I’d say to you that It’s worth it.  The time and effort one can invest in this type of yoga will come back tenfold.  Practicing at least 2 classes a week in the studio is a small price to pay for the benefits received.

I’m so grateful and honored to teach at Winter Garden Yoga.  Each and every class fills me with joy to know I’m able to share this practice with other like-minded people. I feel such a sense of belonging to the staff and the students at WGY, it gets me through when life can sometimes be complicated.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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