The End of His Backaches (Maybe Yours, Too)


The End of His Backaches (Maybe Yours, Too)

Can you imagine having backaches just from standing?

One of our clients, Tom, can definitely relate.

His muscles were so tight, he couldn’t touch his toes nor could he stand up straight.

He used to wonder why a “super-inflexible” person would even attempt yoga. But his wife, Margaret, convinced him to give it a try because she experienced so many wonderful benefits.

Since then, Tom has learned to touch his toes, improve his sport’s performance, and increase his mobility … all in a safe, and pain-free way.

That’s why we’re proud to feature Tom as our client spotlight.

Check out the rest of Tom’s story, in his own words…

My wife Margaret got me into yoga because of all the good things it has done for her.

I was reluctant to go because I had no flexibility.

When I started at Winter Garden Yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes and couldn’t stand up straight.  I would stand and walk hunched forward because of tight muscles/tendons pulling on my hips.  I got backaches from standing around trying to hold my back up as it tilted forward.

If I sat cross-legged on the floor, I had to lean backwards because of other tight muscles.

This was the norm, so I was thinking: “What good would it do for a super-inflexible person to attempt yoga?”

And I wondered if I could do it without injury?  The answers are “a lot” and “yes”.

WGY is really great because they accommodate people of any body type and any set of issues.  They helped me, Mr. Inflexible, modify the yoga poses so I could do them.

From a private session, I learned a neat trick to touch my toes.  I had gone years not being able to touch my toes, and now I can.

My posture has become straighter.  I stand taller.  I can stand around longer without a back ache.  Some of the pose modifications I did when I started at Winter Garden Yoga four years ago are no longer necessary.

One of the best things about WGY is their emphasis on the proper use of your back.

Winter Garden Yoga’s classes spend significant time on the forward bend / rearward shift.  This is a pose that trains you to get the maximum strength out of your back muscles.

A few months ago, I did an indoor rowing marathon that took 3 1/2 hours and involved around three thousand forward bends.

After the event, just about every part of my body hurt except for my back, because I was very careful to do the forward bend in proper, WGY form.

Tom’s Message To You

If you don’t know whether to become a VIP, give it a try.  Find out if you have any issues as they disappear.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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