First This Needs To Move Well (Then Exercise)


First This Needs To Move Well (Then Exercise)

Did you see Winter Garden Yoga’s podcast with Brett Jones?

Among other fascinating points, Brett makes the observation we were humans first … then we became exercisers.

In other words, before you decided to go to the gym or the yoga studio, as a human, you were able to perform fundamental movement patterns.

Then -although it wasn’t your fault- you began to sit … sometimes for 16 hours a day. Think about it for a moment. You sit at the breakfast table, sit in your car on the way to work, sit at your desk, sit at the lunch table, back to your desk, back to your car, then to your couch, and repeat.

You went from being mobile (crawling, standing, walking, and running) to becoming a statue.

“But I exercise!” you say. Which is great, if you’re breaking the pattern of all that noxious sitting. Unfortunately, most of the population isn’t using exercise to un-do the damage.

Here’s what I mean. Some folks, after sitting all day, will visit a gym to lift weights … while sitting. They wind up strengthening their dysfunction.

Or they’ll use a treadmill (or whatever) while slouching. Again, reinforcing the poor posture exhibited while slumped in their ergonomically correct desk chair.

But there’s hope! I believe you can take simple steps to help overcome the ravages of sitting all day. And it doesn’t require fancy gadgets or gizmos. In fact, it’s stuff you can start doing right now.

Shall I show you now?


Race cars need pit stops. Boxers need breaks between rounds. You probably need a reset, too.

Here’s a great blog showing you an easy way to reset your posture throughout your work day. It only takes 30 seconds.

Bonus tip: This blog contains the secret weapon I used to keep stiffness at bay while I was in the corporate world.

Practice Yoga

I know.

It sounds like shameless self-promotion.

But … a properly structured yoga class can help a lot. The reason is simple: you stand, get up and down off the ground, sit on the ground, and move in a multitude of directions.

These are fundamental things your body needs to keep it from turning to stone.

Here’s a great blog to help you find a good yoga studio.

Here’s a great blog to help you find a good yoga teacher.

Bonus: Here’s a 10-minute follow along video to help you get started.


Gray Cook coined the phrase, “Move well. Move often”.

And he is absolutely correct. But let’s get specific. You need to perform these fundamental movement patterns to insure you’re covering all the bases.

Be sure to practice the following movements regularly … and perform them well 😉

  1. Push. Be able to push yourself off the ground. Or have the ability to push something off of you. Click here for a great video demonstration.
  2. Pull. Be able to pull yourself across the floor. Or be able to pull yourself up onto a tree limb. Click here for a great video demonstration.
  3. Squat. This will ensure your hips, knees, and feet stay mobile. Click here for a great video demonstration.
  4. Hinge. You could also use the term, “deadlift.” The hinge teaches  you to use your hips to lift objects off the ground … instead of using your low back. Click here for a great video demonstration.
  5. Lunge. This simple pattern helps develop core stability, better balance, and is great for making your legs strong and functional. Click here for a great video demonstration.
  6. Twist. Your torso should be able to rotate around your spinal column. This could help with low back issues and help keep your core strong and stable. Click here for a great video demonstration.

These movement patterns are extremely powerful and versatile.

You don’t have to use weights in order to practice them. You can use your body weight, rubber bands, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and you can mix things up.

The goal is to practice them, every day, in order to keep your body moving optimally … and in all directions.

Take Action

It can feel frustrating when you think you’re doing the right stuff when it comes to exercise and yet nothing works. You’re still stiff, your back aches, and you wonder why.

That happens to all of us from time to time. But there’s a simple solution. And it’s right here.

First, check with your doctor to make sure you’re good-to-go for physical activity.

Then make a commitment, right now, for permanent, positive change.

Finally, follow the suggested steps in this blog … reset your posture throughout the day, practice yoga to help keep you mobile, and keep up with fundamental movement patterns so you continue to move well.

And once you’re moving well, you’ll be exercising more effectively … not the other way around.

Before you know it, you’ll be feeling great again!

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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