A Conversation With Brett Jones (StrongFirst)


A Conversation With Brett Jones (StrongFirst)

Director of Education for StrongFirst and learned Fitness Professional, Brett Jones shares a fantastic discourse with Winter Garden Yoga’s Brian Friedman.

Grab your favorite beverage of choice, a pen, and some paper because Brett serves up a generous allotment of awesome-ness.

Things like …

Which fitness myth does Brett wish would go away? Why?

What is “cardio” and how to train it?

The “one thing” that Brett sees missing in health and fitness … regardless if you’re a yoga person, a kettlebell person, and so on.

What’s more important? Exercise? Nutrition? or Rest? Why?

What 3 things would Brett tell his 20-year old self about fitness? (if his 20-year old self would listen)

All this and much, much more!

Resources mentioned: StrongFirst.com and FunctionalMovement.com

Winter Garden Yoga’s Functional Yoga Instruction Manual.

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