A Conversation With David Keil (Functional Anatomy of Yoga)


A Conversation With David Keil (Functional Anatomy of Yoga)

Yoga Teacher, Lecturer, and Author, David Keil covers a lot of ground with Brian Friedman in this interesting podcast.

This episode is brimming with an endless stream of stories and “insider’s” perspectives of engaging yoga topics.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

• How did David get into yoga?

• How did anatomy come into play within David’s Yoga practice?

• What’s the “one thing” you should consider when practicing?

• What is Self-Practice?

• How did group classes evolve in the realm of Astanga?

• Who was David’s most influential yoga teacher?

• Can you benefit from yoga if you cross-train?

All of this and much, much more!

Links & Resources mentioned:

David’s website: www.Yoganatomy.com

David’s book, Functional Anatomy of Yoga is available on Amazon.com

Brian’s Yoga Teaching Manual

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