Yoga Abs (By Request)


Yoga Abs (By Request)

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program.

“What’s a good move for my abs?”

It’s a great question I get a lot. And most folks are surprised when I suggest something as simple as the Dead Bug … simple .. but not easy.

1) Lie flat on your back.

2) Extend your arms and legs toward the ceiling … you should look like a dead bug 🙂

3) Keep your arms and legs straight and keep your spine “glued” to the ground, begin to lower your LEFT arm and your RIGHT leg.

4) Only go so far as long as you keep good technique … straight arms and legs and spine “flat” on the ground.

5) Bring your arm and leg back to the starting position.

6) Alternate side-to-side until you feel your abs fatigue.

Be patient with this one because it requires a lot of technique. But the payoff will be huge.

Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to: better posture, better “core”, and better mobility.

You can practice dead bugs (all variations) every day or as needed.

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You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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