Yoga Warm Up (Half Sun Salute)


Yoga Warm Up (Half Sun Salute)

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program.

Do Sun Salutes seem a little “much” for you sometimes?

It’s normal to feel that way.

Every now and then, you need a break from the push-ups, the updog, and the downdog. Maybe you’re not ready (yet) for a full-blown sun salute.

Either way, it’s cool … I’ve got you covered.

Grab a yoga block and follow along with me as we go through a modified Sun Salutation together.

It’s great as a yoga warm up, a way to get the “rust” out of your hinges, or a simple way to incorporate some much needed movement in your life.

You can repeat this sequence up to 10 times if needed. But if you feel the benefit after a few rounds, you’re probably good to go.

Full Disclosure: I usually perform five 🙂

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You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman


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