Clicking Hips? This May Help


Clicking Hips? This May Help

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program.

Do your hips click?

Sometimes the muscles in the front of your legs (the hip flexors) may be weak. Or they’re just not used to pulling their own weight … so to speak 🙂

Even if your hips don’t click, you may find this fantastic routine is a great way to add mobility, stability, and strength to your regular yoga practice.

Try this: Get into a Triangle pose. Or a Half-Bridge. Or something that gives you a sense of “tight hips.”

Now … Grab a yoga block.

1) Test how high your leg can go. Use the yoga block to help you determine the correct height.

2) You should be able to hold your leg in the air for 30 seconds … plus or minus.

3) Be sure to test both sides. Your hips should be nice and warm and ready to go.

“Up and Overs”

1) Set your yoga block to the appropriate setting.

2) Bring your leg up and over the yoga block … both ways.

3) Do a few repetitions … at least until you feel some minor fatigue. **Don’t overdo it 🙂

Go through all of the variations on the video and re-test your Triangle … or bridge … or whatever.

Do you feel a difference?

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Thanks for watching!

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You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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