Toe Touch In 5-Minutes?! (Easy Follow Along Mobility Routine)


Toe Touch In 5-Minutes?! (Easy Follow Along Mobility Routine)

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program.

Can you touch your toes?


I know … it can be a touchy subject … and it can be a little frustrating. We all feel like a rusted out robot from time to time. It happens.

But what if I were to show you a 5-minute mobility routine that you can do, right now, and help you finally get that elusive toe touch?

Shall I show you now?

1) Test your current toe touch. Don’t force it. Just try.

2) Perform “High Knees” for about a minute.

3) Perform “High Knees to the Side” for about a minute.

4) Perform “Heel Kicks” for about a minute.

5) Perform the “Walking Hip Hinge” for about one minute.

Now, try your toe touch again.

How’d you do?

Practice this daily until you achieve the toe touch you want … maybe even “palm” the floor. Once you’ve made your goal, practice once in a while as maintenance or as needed.

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Thanks for watching!

Brian Friedman

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