“Since Day One, I Have Always Felt Welcome”


“Since Day One, I Have Always Felt Welcome”

Have you ever gotten “not-so-good” news from your doctor?

Maybe they recommend surgery for a painful body part … like tennis elbow.

You’re not alone.

A lot of folks just like you have experienced the same thing.

It can lead to crushed feelings and frustration because you’re used to doing “normal” things. And now simple stuff just hurts. That stinks!

Also, you know other options exist … but who can you trust?

That’s what makes Sue’s incredible story so distinguished. Sue empowered herself to take action because she wanted to turn it around once and for all.

Can you guess what happens next?

After making a serious commitment to herself, Sue began practicing yoga at Winter Garden Yoga.

Elbow pain? “Less and less” … and no surgery … or cortisone shots.

There’s  a ton of more interesting substance to Sue’s amazing story. Please read on …

I began my journey at Winter Garden Yoga in January of this year (2019).

For the past couple of years I had been experiencing  pain in the elbow area  and had difficulty  extending my arm without pain.  I went to see a orthopedic  surgeon who took x-rays and confirmed  I had tennis elbow as well as golfer’s elbow  and suggested cortisone shots and possibly surgery if those did  not work.

I was not excited about either  of those options!

He also advised that I try to find some relief  doing certain exercises.  I spoke to one of the trainers at the large gym I belonged to and along with weights, he suggested yoga which was offered at the gym.

After taking  3 or 4 classes I didn’t  feel any change  and because of the size of the classes, there was very little interaction with the teachers so I didn’t  know if I was doing it correctly or not.

My husband and I walked thru downtown Winter Garden frequently  and I noticed Winter Garden yoga  numerous times and thought, “Why not at least call”?

I contacted Winter Garden  Yoga and spoke with Karen who was so kind and actually asked what I was looking for.

After our conversation  I signed up as a VIP.

At first the pain in my elbow made it difficult  for me to straighten  my arm without sharp pains.  The way that yoga is taught at Winter Garden Yoga — it gets deep into your muscles  and after about a month or so I noticed the pain become less and less.

To date I have very little pain and NO shots or surgeries  were necessary — just the right exercises  and movement taught at Winter Garden  Yoga!

I have   been attending Winter Garden Yoga for 8 months next week  and since Day 1 I have always felt welcome  and NEVER did I feel like I couldn’t  do it.  The teachers  at WGY pay attention  to all of their students and walk thru the room  while teaching  and guide you in doing your poses correctly and safely.

Joining Winter Garden yoga has been a wonderful experience and no matter how tired I am at the end of my day at work I never feel like it’s a chore  to go to yoga.  The teachers and owners know you by name and they actually  take the time to speak with you and make sure my goals are being met.

If anyone is not sure whether to join and to become a VIP I would say give it a try.

You will not be disappointed.

We only live once and how we treat  our bodies is so very important!  Keep an open mind when you  enter the doors to your yoga experience at Winter Garden Yoga and enjoy!

You’ve Got This!

Brian Friedman


PS: Check out Winter Garden Yoga’s Highly Acclaimed Online Store for Yoga Classes, Workshops, EBooks, and more.

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