“I Am Stronger And More Fit” (Julie’s Story)


“I Am Stronger And More Fit” (Julie’s Story)

Have you ever looked for changes to your health?

You do the research and come up empty-handed or totally confused.


It happens to a lot of people just like you.

It can leave you emotionally shattered and your dreams feel smashed.

Now imagine a place that is here to help you … without judgement. To get you on track with simple guidelines that actually work. It’s not a fairy tale.

Just ask Julie. She allowed herself to take serious action because she wanted her vital energy and her life back.

Julie began practicing yoga at Winter Garden Yoga and following our fat loss plan.

You know what? In only eight weeks, Julie had more energy (enough for a 5-mile hike in the mountains), more strength, and a feeling of overall balance. Yes, “results may vary”, but isn’t it worth a try?

Please read on to learn more incredible details from Julie’s amazing story …

I have practiced yoga on and off since college and I was looking for a local yoga studio so that I could get back to my yoga practice.

It had been a while since I practiced regularly and I was feeling sluggish, unhealthy, and moody.

I was coming home after an hour-long commute too tired to do anything but throw dinner together and sit on the couch.

I saw an ad on Facebook that mentioned an 8-week nutrition program that would start the second week of January.

I was looking to make some changes in regard to my health and thought that a weekly coaching session plus some yoga would really be beneficial, and it was only an 8-week commitment which I thought was doable.

If it didn’t work out for me, I would only have to invest two months of my time.

The location of Winter Garden Yoga was perfect for me!  I live only a few miles from the studio, and I love the downtown Winter Garden location.

I had also tried out WGY the year prior and found it to be different from all the other yoga studios that I had been to in a good way.

I never felt pushed into poses or as though I couldn’t keep up.  I was reminded frequently that it was my practice and to only do what felt right for me.  That was a new approach for me and it really resonated with me.  I was looking to get back to that.

I worked with Karen on the Burn Fat Forever program for 8 weeks and have been fairly consistent with sticking to the plan ever since.

I really have made a lifestyle change which I would not have thought possible back in January,  and there have been so many benefits.

  • I am consistently practicing yoga twice a week
  • I am eating foods that are healthy and nourishing and as a result, I feel better, my clothes fit better (actually         most of them are now too big), my moods are more predictable, and I feel stronger and more balanced in many ways.
  • I have lost over 20 pounds since January.
  • I have found a community where I know I am always welcome and encouraged.
  • I recently visited the Smoky Mountains with my husband and was able to tackle a 5 mile hike that I wouldn’t have even considered a year ago, but because I am stronger and more fit, I was willing to give it a try.

There are many things I like about Winter Garden Yoga, but I would say the thing that I like best is the intellectual approach to yoga.

I love the very specific descriptions of how to make changes to tiny details in a pose that make a huge difference.  I am a thinker so this for me is the best part…I can really work on fine tuning each pose and every time I come to the mat I learn something new or find new ways to refine my practice.

If I were to add a second thing, it would be the gratitude that I receive for just showing up to class.

Some days I don’t feel like going but go anyway and my reward is that small “Thank You for showing up” that I get at the end of class.  It means so much to me and keeps me coming back.

If you’re on the fence, I say, “Do it!”

You will find that you will be welcomed from the very beginning.  You will find your practice and you will feel and look better as a result.

This studio focuses on what’s best for you and the small class size really allows for teacher/student interaction.  It’s a worthwhile investment in your physical and mental health.

You’ve got this!

Brian Friedman

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