10 Minute Morning Warm Up


10 Minute Morning Warm Up

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or healthcare provider before trying this or any exercise or exercise program.

Want a great way to start your day … everyday?

Grab your yoga mat, some space, and let’s do this!

Here’s one of my favorite bite sized warm up routines. It’s easy and it covers -pretty much- everything that’s important for your priceless mobility … breathing, mind/body connection, and more.

It’ll get you prepped from “toes to nose”. You can utilize this warm-up prior to your yoga, strength training, cardio, virtually any of your favorite modes of exercise. It covers a lot of ground and gets you ready. All you’ve gotta do is follow along … that’s it!

1) Belly Breathing

2) Spinal Extension

3) Sphinx

4) Rocking

5) Spinal Articulation

6) Windshield Wipers (my favorite 🙂

7) Spinal Twisting

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