Free Yoga Flow (Intermediate Yoga Class)


Free Yoga Flow (Intermediate Yoga Class)

Always get clearance from your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program.

Here’s a chance to take a moment for you to take care of you. It’s extremely important, now more than ever, to keep your energy levels and your immunity up.

Harvard Medical School recommends yoga as a way to deal with the anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 situation.

We’ve got you covered.

Give this Intermediate Level Yoga Flow a try. Grab your mat and follow along.

If you’d like more … we’ve got options 🙂

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3)And, of course, you’ll always have access to our free follow-along and “how-to” videos on YouTube. Please subscribe because we’d appreciate it.

Go forth and be awesome!

Brian Friedman

PS: Here’s the Harvard Medical Article.

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