Why Breathwork?

Mar 8, 2021

 by Brian Friedman

Have you ever heard of breathwork?

It's okay if you said "no" because, until recently, the term hasn't been super-popular. 

These days, thanks to folks such as Joe Rogan, James Nestor, and Wim Hof, using one's breath to improve one's life is getting to be commonplace.

My first experience with breathwork came as a side effect of practicing yoga. As far as I know, yoga is one of the few physical activities that emphasize breathwork. In fact, yoga has its own branch of breathwork called, pranayama. "Prana" is Sanskrit for "life force" or "breath" and "yama" is Sanskrit for "restrain". More often than not, you'll hear pranayama defined as "breath control".

In October of 2020, I knew I had to make an important change.

Just like so many people across the globe, I was beginning to feel depressed and anxious. It's a normal feeling to have ... especially with all the uncertainty we've been facing.

One day, one of my yoga students looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "Are you okay?" 

That simple question was powerful enough to make me understand -immediately- that something had to change. Clearly, my mental and emotional states were affecting my teaching and, perhaps, my life.

I had a huge obstacle to overcome. I needed my precious vitality renewed.

Enter SOMA.

I first heard of SOMA while researching the benefits of breathwork. That's when I came across their flagship program, the 21 Day Awakening. I was skeptical. Could this marvelous combination of breathwork, music, and dynamic movement give me the lift I was craving?

There was only one way to find out: try it.

After reluctantly practicing their 21 Day Awakening program for the first week, I noticed clear and positive changes. Incredibly, my negative emotions, limiting thoughts, and uninspired actions had transformed. Other people began noticing, too.

It was astonishing.

The world was the same, but I had changed for the better. No more nagging symptoms of depression or anxiety. No more students wondering if I was "okay."

SOMA Breath worked so powerfully well, I instantly decided to become a SOMA Breathwork Instructor. I knew I wanted to help others ... just like you ...  make permanent and positive changes in their lives.

I hope you're skeptical, too.

I hope you'll give SOMA a try. 

Brian, Founder of Winter Garden Yoga

Certified SOMA Breathwork Instructor

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