How To Keep Your Hands And Wrists Healthy


How To Keep Your Hands And Wrists Healthy

Always check with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise program.

Do you use your hands a lot?

In this day and age the answer is a resounding YES!

It’s that way for everyone.

Simple repetitive daily activities such as texting, typing, holding a steering wheel, etc. can create imbalances between opposing muscle groups in your fingers and arms. Those imbalances could create pain and dysfunction.

Now add weight bearing exercises such as Downward Dog, Push Ups, Planks, etc. and you’ve got an opportunity to have some stiff and painful hands.

The good news?

You can turn it all around by following a time-tested self-care protocol.

It’s easy and it just takes a few minutes every day.

1. Seek out “hot spots” or knots in your soft tissue. This can take 30 seconds (for maintenance) up to two minutes.

2. Stretch the opposing muscle groups. Again, about 30 seconds of active stretching is all it takes.

3. Repeat daily or as needed.

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