A Conversation With Tim Anderson (Original Strength)

Educator, Author, and the creator of Original Strength, Tim Anderson and Brian Friedman have a great exchange of ideas and discussions in this fantastic podcast. This episode is packed with a jackpot of acute and well-rounded health and fitness topics. Highlights include: • How did Tim get into Original Strength? • What was the key […]

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A Conversation With Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Boot Camp)

Author, Speaker, and “Regular Guy” Timber Hawkeye has an engaging conversation with Brian Friedman. Some highlights include, but are not limited to … • What event was Timber’s “aha” moment that lead to the simple lifestyle he desired? • Do you have to give up everything you own in order to be happy? • What […]

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A Conversation With Jules Mitchell (Yoga Biomechanics)

Yoga Teacher and Author, Jules Mitchell has an eye-opening chat with Brian Friedman. This podcast is bursting with a bonanza of insightful and thought provoking yogic topics. Grab a pen and paper. Get ready to take some important notes. Here’s a glimpse of what’s covered: • How did Jules get into yoga? • What was […]

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A Conversation With David Keil (Functional Anatomy of Yoga)

Yoga Teacher, Lecturer, and Author, David Keil covers a lot of ground with Brian Friedman in this interesting podcast. This episode is brimming with an endless stream of stories and “insider’s” perspectives of engaging yoga topics. Here’s what’s in store for you: • How did David get into yoga? • How did anatomy come into […]

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A Conversation With Dan John

Author, Lecturer, and Legendary Strength Coach, Dan John has a captivating conversation with Brian Friedman. This podcast is a kaleidoscope of insider’s tips and tricks that actually work to help you become a healthier and “fitter” you. Dan has been there and done that for over 50 years in the fitness industry. He’s worked with […]

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A Conversation With Brett Jones (StrongFirst)

Director of Education for StrongFirst and learned Fitness Professional, Brett Jones shares a fantastic discourse with Winter Garden Yoga’s Brian Friedman. Grab your favorite beverage of choice, a pen, and some paper because Brett serves up a generous allotment of awesome-ness. Things like … Which fitness myth does Brett wish would go away? Why? What […]

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