“I Am Stronger And More Fit” (Julie’s Story)

Have you ever looked for changes to your health? You do the research and come up empty-handed or totally confused. *Aaaagggh!* It happens to a lot of people just like you. It can leave you emotionally shattered and your dreams feel smashed. Now imagine a place that is here to help you … without judgement. […]

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“Since Day One, I Have Always Felt Welcome”

Have you ever gotten “not-so-good” news from your doctor? Maybe they recommend surgery for a painful body part … like tennis elbow. You’re not alone. A lot of folks just like you have experienced the same thing. It can lead to crushed feelings and frustration because you’re used to doing “normal” things. And now simple […]

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A Conversation With Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Boot Camp)

Author, Speaker, and “Regular Guy” Timber Hawkeye has an engaging conversation with Brian Friedman. Some highlights include, but are not limited to … • What event was Timber’s “aha” moment that lead to the simple lifestyle he desired? • Do you have to give up everything you own in order to be happy? • What […]

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“I Wanted To Feel Strong And Fit”

Do you have terrible back pain brought on by endless hours at work? You’re not alone. A lot of folks experience the exact same thing. It can lead to feelings of defeat because you’re accustomed to doing “normal” things that cause concern because you don’t want to injure yourself. Plus, you know you have to […]

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“This Is The Best Studio I Know”

Do you have back issues? Knee issues? It’s normal to have feelings like that. It’s called life. Feeling discouraged is natural. Maybe you’re used to walking, doing house work, and other normal things but suddenly it feels impossible to do. Plus, you believe you’re doing all the right things. But ultimately, you’re convinced … the […]

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“I’m So Thankful For Winter Garden Yoga.”

Have you ever wondered if yoga was right for you? A lot of people have wondered the same thing. And it makes sense because you don’t know if the teachers are qualified to teach. You don’t know if you’ll be judged. You don’t know if you’ll feel welcomed into the studio’s community. It seems like […]

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