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Update! WGY Studio Guidelines: COVID-19

Governor DeSantis gave the “green light” to open gyms (yoga studios) on Monday, May 18, 2020!

Needless to say, all of us at Winter Garden Yoga are super excited to see you again!

Here are the guidelines we’ll have in place for a safe reopening (subject to change without notice #fornow):

  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering the studio.
  • You’ll have to sign a new COVID-19 specific waiver of liability.
  • We’ve purchased disinfecting supplies such as paper towels and sprays for cleaning. And we’ll be keeping the studio clean as always.
  • The teachers may or may not wear masks contingent upon social distancing guidelines or students/client’s request. As of May 18, 2020 none of Florida’s reopening rules specify that masks are mandatory as long as social distancing is observed. We’ll have masks available for your safety if you would like one. They come to us courtesy from Army of Masks.
  • For the sake of social distancing, class sizes will be limited to 10 students per class.
  • You MUST book classes in advance via MindBodyOnline (MBO). Even more importantly … please cancel reservations if you cannot attend.
  • We have mapped out spaces in the studio to allow six feet between mats. Please set up your mat exactly in one of those marked spaces. Please do your best to stay put before and during class.
  • We also have a new protocol to prevent log-jamming as you enter and exit the studio.
  • We strongly suggest you invest in your own yoga props (bolster, blankets, blocks, mats, and straps) and bring them with you to class. We will no longer offer yoga props or “loaner” yoga mats at this time.
  • Due to the extremely limited supply, sanitizing sprays and wipes will be reserved for cleaning the yoga studio. Please plan to sanitize your personal equipment regularly at home.
  • Finally, we ask you to use good judgment. Please refrain from attending class if you feel unwell, refrain from direct contact with other students and instructors, and diligently wash your hands and use sanitizers to keep you and your yoga gear clean.
  • As needed, we will adjust protocols for the continued safety of our students and teachers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate through these uncharted waters together. Following these guidelines helps make it safer for everyone.


9:30-10:45am Beginner’s Yoga

6:30-7:45Pm Yin Yoga


9:30-10:45am Beginner’s Yoga

6:30-7:45pm Beginner’s Yoga


9:30-10:45am Power Yoga

11:00-12:15pm Yin Yoga

6:30-7:45pm Yin Yoga


9:30-10:45am Beginner’s Yoga

5:00-6:15pm Beginner’s Yoga

6:30-7:45pm Power Yoga


9:30-10:45am Intermediate Yoga

5:00-6:00pm Joint Mobility

6:30-7:45pm Intermediate Yoga


9:30-10:45am Beginner’s Yoga

6:30-7:45pm Beginner’s Yoga


8:30-9:45am Power Yoga

10:00-11:15am Beginner’s Yoga

*Childcare not available, please make the appropriate accommodations prior to attending class.

*Must be at least 18 years old to participate.

*Teacher is subject to change without notice. Please call us at 407-579-9889 or or contact us if you need help choosing the right class for you!

++These classes are being tested and may not stay on the class schedule.

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Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga

This is the ultimate relaxation experience as you restore, refresh and renew. Yin Yoga is the perfect end to your day (or week) as you feel your stress melt away. This class focuses on deep static stretching and breathing. The poses are done either seated or reclined. The less effort the better as gravity and your breath do all the work. Regardless of your level of yoga practice, this is an exhilarating experience you must try at least once.

Beginner’s Yoga

Everything you ever wanted to know about yoga but were afraid to ask! This class has been praised by both experienced students and those who previously thought yoga was intimidating and difficult. You will feel the relief from muscle tightness and joint pain as you learn fundamental yoga postures and sequences taught by patient, caring instructors.

Intermediate Yoga

Intermediate Yoga brings you to the next level in your yoga journey. This class is the bridge between Beginner’s Yoga and Power Yoga. So if you are looking for something a little more challenging than Beginner’s and not as intense as Power Yoga, this is the class for you.

Power Yoga

Take it up a notch. This class combines elements of Beginner’s Yoga and Intermediate with a variety of targeted specific movements and poses designed to help you build strength and flexibility. All while allowing your body to naturally detoxify. If you like to cross-train, Power Yoga is an ideal complement to your exercise strategy. The bottom line…be ready to work!

Joint Mobility

Joint Mobility is low impact, high repetition, exercise designed to remove joint salts and other waste products that prevent your joints from moving freely. As you become older (or more sedentary) your body produces calcium deposits between your joints. These deposits or “joint salts” can displace the lubricant between your joints and make it difficult (and sometimes painful) to achieve a full range of motion. Joint Mobility can make it possible for you to reclaim pain-free movement and feel great again. All levels are welcome.

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Our family is growing and we’re thankful that you have made this possible! In order to provide a seamless service to you and to everyone, we’re encouraging our friends to register online for classes.

It’s easy and it’s free.

Make sure you’re in the current week and simply follow the step-by-step instructions and you’re good to go! If you need to cancel, please do so at your earliest convenience to allow room for others.

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Will you still take walk-ins?

Absolutely! Priority will go to those who have registered. If there are any spaces left, we will gladly welcome any and all walk-ins.

Can I cancel if something comes up?

Of course! We understand that life happens. Just follow the same steps as if you were going to sign up, click on the "Cancel" text, and you'll be good to go. Thank you very much! We're looking forward to seeing you in class.

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