Winter Garden Yoga COVid protocol


Our mindful procedures are designed to help keep you and our staff safe and well. 


Here is the protocol we are taking for COVID (subject to change without notice):

  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering the studio.

  • You’ll have to sign a new COVID-19 specific waiver of liability.

  • We’ve purchased disinfecting supplies such as paper towels and sprays for cleaning. And we’ll be keeping the studio clean as always.

  • We have mapped out spaces in the studio to allow six feet between mats. Please set up your mat exactly in one of those marked spaces. Please do your best to stay put before and during class.

  • Since we are social distancing, masks are not required during physical activity.  Teachers and students will wear masks when social distancing isn't possible.
  • Teachers will teach and demonstrate from a designated area six feet away from the nearest student. They will not walk around to assist at this time.
  • For the sake of social distancing, class sizes will be limited to 10 students per class.

  • You MUST book classes in advance. Even more importantly … please cancel reservations if you cannot attend.

  • We also have a new protocol to prevent log-jamming as you enter and exit the studio. Clients will enter and exit the studio one at a time. 

  • We strongly suggest you invest in your own yoga props (bolster, blankets, blocks, mats, and straps) and bring them with you to class. We will no longer offer yoga props or “loaner” yoga mats at this time.

  • Due to the extremely limited supply, sanitizing sprays and wipes will be reserved for cleaning the yoga studio. Please plan to sanitize your personal equipment regularly at home.

  • Finally, we ask you to use good judgment. Please refrain from attending class if you feel unwell, refrain from direct contact with other students and instructors, and diligently wash your hands and use sanitizers to keep you and your yoga gear clean.

  • As needed, we will adjust protocols for the continued safety of our students and teachers.