Fat Loss Nutrition

At Last, You Can Stop That Endless Cycle of Constantly Gaining Weight


Are you checking out this page because you are frustrated with not losing weight? Are you tired of the struggle? You lose weight then you gain weight?

Maybe you’ve given up the battle and you feel like there’s no hope. The yo-yo dieting all these years has caused you to gain more weight back.

Nothing is working anymore.

You are tired of the cycle of slowly gaining weight, being hungry, craving junk food, and just plain not feeling good in your body.

Believe me, Karen understands.

She has been there.  She was the queen of yo-yo dieting.  She has tried every diet, gimmick, and exercise plan to figure out a way to lose weight… and keep it off.

She finally discovered something that not only works, but it is sustainable for long term results and now Karen wants to share it with others.

She has spent countless hours researching and working with clients like you to help them make the life changes that will finally give them the freedom they have always been looking for: a healthy way of eating that manages body composition.

Does is really work?

You can try our nutrition plan in one of two ways:

Option-#1 Our Basic Nutrition Plan

(included in our Platinum and Plus packages)

  • An informative video. You will get step by step instructions on how to start your nutrition plan
  • Accountability. Your weekly food journal reviewed by our certified nutrition expert, Karen Repassy.
  • Weekly action items based on your food journal to help you  achieve maximum fat burning, increased energy, and optimum health. All action items are catered to your lifestyle and goals.
  • Unlimited email support to help you overcome obstacles and keep your results going.
  • Monthly 30 minute phone calls for the first 90 days to keep you on track. . Plus a 30 minute phone call every other month for the duration of your commitment.
  • Private Facebook group with recipes, support, food prep ideas, and much, much more.

Option #2 – 8 Week Private Nutrition Program

The 8 week fat loss nutrition plan at Winter Garden Yoga has helped 100s of Winter Garden women get their life and body back.  This is not a get quick weight loss diet, but a life-long healthy, way of eating that will burn fat off of your frame forever.

This is what a client said about the 8 week program:

After just 2 weeks, I had lost inches and a few pounds. I couldn’t believe the results! I had some rough patches, but Karen talked me through everything and helped me come up with solutions. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her! The best part is that in the end this was not just a diet. I am still going strong and this has become a lifestyle change.  My whole family is also on the plan! I now have the tools, knowledge and results to stay fit and healthy.” ~Jennifer S., Winter Garden, FL

 *Results may vary from person to person

Here is what you will get in the 8 week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan:

  • The key to fat burning-learn how to balance food on your plate.
  • Accountability. The essential key to long term results.
  • Individualized meal plan and list of foods just for your body type. The secret to unlocking how your body responds to food.
  • 30 minute weekly meeting to go over food journal and trouble shooting. This keeps you on track and keeps your results soaring,
  • Management of hunger and cravings for YOUR metabolism.
  • Learn how and what to shop for and how to read nutrition labels to give you fat burning results.
  • Learn how to prepare food and set up your for success for YOUR lifestyle.
  • Learn how to make your favorite foods to fit in the plan so you do not feel deprived.
  • Unlimited email support. Any time. Any day.
  • And much, much more…

Click here to invest in your private 8 week nutrition program.

The 8 week program is also included in our Plus package as one of your private session options.

Or contact us at 407-579-9889 or email us at admin@wintergardenyoga.com.

Here is what other clients had to say about their 8 week program:

“After my 8 week session with Karen, I had lost weight, lost 2 pant sizes, 3 skirt sizes, lost cravings for diet coke, my thinking was clearer and I actually craved the healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins on the Metabolic Plan. I am bound and determined to conquer this unhealthy eating and weight issue I’ve had my entire life” ~Lori, Winter Garden, FL

“Two weeks later I noticed my clothes were fitting better and I was not craving the foods I once binged on.  After 8 weeks on the plan I lost 9 pounds, 2 inches from my waist/2 inches from my hips, and felt energetic, peaceful and happy.  I can wear all my clothes again–even the size Small tops and dresses I had hidden in the back of my closet.  Three months ago I would never have believed it. Those were the results other people got, not me.” ~Karen Hughes, Winter Garden, FL

“I have finally found something sustainable and easy to maintain! I’m down three sizes! I feel the best I have in my body since my 20s. I am the most energized, healthiest, and the strongest I have ever been in my entire life. ” ` Karen Repassy-currently practices what she teaches

All the above clients are still getting great results and have made the eating plan a positive lifestyle change.


“What are you waiting for?! You deserve this! WGY has changed my life! This is the most amazing studio with the most amazing instructors and students. I “hate” exercising, but if someone told me I could get in shape and feel this great with NO PAIN, I would have done this years ago.”

*Results may vary from person to person.



Lost 30 pounds, 18 inches, Better posture